CGI Poconos Creates Opportunity for its Campers Year Round

Known only as a summer camp, CGI Poconos has successfully become a year-round family for its camps and staff to share in Jewish pride and friendship. Full Story

CGI Poconos is best known as a summer camp for Jewish girls that attend public school, but to its camps and families, it is much more than that. It’s family that shares Jewish fun and friendships all year round.

CGI Poconos prides itself in the amazing care and dedication to its campers, even after the summer is over, and it’s beautifully displayed at the many programs it offers to the campers throughout the year.

The camp staff, arranged a fun Sukkos party in Crown Heights during Chol Hamoed, attended by over 30 girls that live in the Tri-state area. On Chanukah, there was an amazing Menorah lighting challenge with Menorahs sent to every single camper, This year, for the first time ever, CGI Poconos offered a 10-day overnight Winter Camp to 40 girls in late December.

This week we will even celebrate the wedding of one of our head counselors, together with an amazing program being planned for the many campers that will attend from around the tri-state area.

With the international CTeen Shabbon fast approaching, the staff of CGI Poconos realized that several of its camps may not have a chapter in their respective communities to join, and quickly coordinated a CGI Poconos group with the help of the Shluchim in their communities.

The group, organized and chaperoned by Rivka Sandler and Rivky Berkowitzboth staff of CGI Poconos, was limited exclusively for campers and alumna that did not already have a chapter in their local Chabad House.

“The international CTeen Shabbonton is an amazing opportunity for our campers that live around the country to reunite with each other, enjoying the exciting and action-packed schedule professionally arranged by CTeen International,” said Rivka Sandler.

On Thursday night, the girls were greeted at the home of their host, the Hellers, and had dinner at Oholei Torah followed by fun activities and games. On Friday, after davening in 770, the girls went on a fun scavenger hunt to Little Island in Manhattan, enjoyed pizza for lunch and prepared for Shabbos.

Over Shabbos, the girls had the privilege to attend many classes and discussions highlighted by the producer and director of “Orthodoxed”, Berel Solomon.

On Motzei Shabbos, the group experienced the tremendous display of Jewish pride at the annual CTeen Jewish pride concert, in Times Square. On Sunday, after the finale event, the trip culminated with an uplifting visit to the Ohel of the Rebbe.

“We are grateful to have such amazing staff, that months after the summer, are still motivated and actively involved in bringing our campers closer to the warmth of Yiddishkeit,” said Gershon Sandler director of CGI Poconos.

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