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Ludhiana: The District Consumer Dispute Handling Commission has ordered a retailer to pay Rs 3,000 for Rs 4 as the cost of the carry-on in addition to the cost of the product from the customer. The panel consisting of Chairman KK Kareer and member Jaswinder Singh directed the retailer to recover Rs 4 and pay Rs 2,000 as compensation and Rs 1,000 as litigation cost to plaintiff Rishi Kumar of Rishi Nagar.
In his complaint to the commission on May 10, 2019, Kumar said that he had purchased a grocery product from the retail outlet of the defendant for Rs 138 on March 24, 2019. In addition to the cost of the product, the outlet was charged. Additional 4 rupees for carrying case that has earned the company’s brand logo endorsement.

The company defended in its response that the complainant was explicitly informed at the cashier’s office that in case of ordering a carry-on bag, he would have to pay the sum of Rs 4. The policy is designed to motivate consumers to carry their own bags. The bags are reused to avoid deforestation and environmental damage. Moreover, the complainant was specifically asked if he wanted to purchase a carry bag for an additional fee and only when the complainant agreed, the bag was provided and he was charged Rs 4.
However, the complainant’s attorney argued that no notice was prominently displayed in the other party’s showroom that the complainant would be charged for the carrying case and that this represented a lack of service as well as unfair trade practices.
On the other hand, the lawyer of the other party argued that the complainant had voluntarily purchased a carrying bag and thus could not be said to have paid for the bag without justification.
With reference to Big Bazaar (Future Retail Limited) vs. Ashok Kumar (Supra) case, the panel held that if a shopkeeper intends to deviate from the previous practice of providing free bags to a customer, he must provide clear and appropriate prior notice to the consumer before the consumer takes His choice to sponsor a particular retail outlet and if no such advance notice is given and the fact that the bag was shipped to the complainant at the counter of payment only is revealed, this amounts to inconvenience and embarrassment to the consumer, which amounts to unfair trade and deceptive practices.
In the present case also, it is not the case of the other party that any such notice of charging of the carry-case price has been prominently displayed in its showroom and nothing of the sort is mentioned in the affidavit given by the counterparty. The committee noted that as per the law set by the National Commission of Big Bazaar (Future Retail Limited) vs Ashok Kumar (Supra), the opposite parties could not pay the amount of Rs 4 from the complainant because the complainant was asked in the payment counter after he had already made the purchase .

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