Chazelles: unusual habitats at the Chazelles camp site

For years he’d been designing, equipping, and deploying his camp site, and William Saborin had time to prepare his concrete slabs a year in advance. The two new homes were manufactured by Nordic House in Montpellier, arrived entirely by truck and simply placed there.

Light show

“It is a concept without assembly or connection: neither water nor electricity, neither today nor in the long run,” William Sabourin sets the address for future guests, who have impeccable shared kitchen and toilet facilities. With a reversible habitat visor, centered around the need for sleep and rest, the pods are actually designed as an offering aimed at hikers and cyclists who travel lightly, or who only intend to stop one night to resume the Flow bike thread the next day.

Inside, “Comfort is ensured by five-layer insulation, a design furnished with a double bed or two single beds and curtains”details the director who tested the concept on early visitors, during this year’s Spring Comics Festival.

It must be said that he is concerned with quality, William invested in a factory-produced model, which allows for an excellent finish: Each pod weighs 2.6 tons, compared to 700 kg for the equivalent kit model ”, explains the Chasellis who gave up 38,000 euros of the investment.

The caravans are the perfect complement to the show which so far consists mainly of caravan playgrounds, mobile homes and tents. The campsite in Boron also offers four rooms split into a room and a cabin in the woods. William Sabourin also takes the opportunity to present his latest creations: “A small dormitory with three beds for cyclists, pedestrians and cyclists traveling in groups …”. The place is as cozy and stunning as the rest because it is old fashioned entirely from natural materials, while brand new, since it was built by William Saborin himself.

The self-taught Chazellois family has beautifully decorated their camp site for years, christening “Le Buron” in reference to Causses’ traditional mountain sheep pens, which were hand-built in dry stone.

Boron camp. Capsule: €40 per night (for one or two people). Like. 06 78 25 84 39.

Another hot topic at the moment is the construction of this three-bed dormitory.

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