Clifton NJ’s Sofia Black-D’Elia finds herself in Single Drunk Female




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Since being discovered as a preteen at Broadway Bound in Lyndhurst, Sofia Black-D’Elia has played a wide range of characters, from deadly serious — a mysterious cab-rider-turned-corpse on HBO’s “The Night Of” — to broadly hilarious (the tough, spoiled niece in Fox’s “The Mick”).

In her most recent role as newly-sober Samantha Fink in “Single Drunk Female,” the actress says she’s discovered something about herself.

“On a personal level, I am definitely finding myself more drawn to things that lean funny,” she says. “I think I just prefer being around funny women to self-serious men.”

In the case of “Single Drunk Female,” which airs at 10:30 pm Thursdays on Disney’s Freeform channel (new episodes stream the next day on Hulu), the funny women are director and executive producer Leslye Headland (“Russian Doll”), executive producer Jenni Connor (“Girls”) and Simone Finch, the show’s creator and writer on multiple episodes. The cast features a great ensemble of mostly women, including Ally Sheedy as Sam’s self-absorbed mother. Black-D’Elia says Sheedy has become a friend and mentor.

“Jenni and Leslye are both incredibly funny, intelligent, quick and thoughtful creators,” says Black-D’Elia, 30. “Often, it’s the people I work with and relationships I build that are mostful on me as a performer. feel very lucky to count them as collaborators and friends, and their guidance definitely helped shape the tone of the series, and also the character of Sam, and how I play her.”

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