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Guardians of the Galaxy souvenir options: Cosmic Rewind, where the indoor roller coaster opens at Epcot this month, will have an episode of the ’80s.

The designers drew on the main character of the “Guardians of the Galaxy” films and a useful Disney background story for inspiration.

“We know Peter Quill visited Epcot in the ’80s. We have that instant picture of him from the ’80s in front of the Epcot ball,” said Elisa Melchiori, Director of Brand Marketing, during a media preview of the Xandar Treasures ride and shop.

“With that storytelling, we knew he still loved everything ’80s from living in that time period. He’s also telling Xandarians, ‘Hey, that’s kind of the look and feel of the Earth lifestyle.’…So we kind of took that and ran with it.”

The Disney story for Cosmic Rewind is that the world of Xandar, a kind of sister planet on the other side of Andromeda, has opened a pavilion at Epcot to showcase its advanced culture and technologies.

The merchandise assortment includes current staple souvenirs such as T-shirts, hats, pins, keychains, mugs, velor mugs, mugs, frames and backpacks. They tend to mix the ’80s theme with the alien element in the “Guardians” films.

“We worked closely with our imaginative partners to collect a lot of the artwork that was around us at Epcot in the ’80s,” Melchiorie said. “So that spacecraft is Earth [T-shirt] Very reminiscent of a similar style design sold here in the ’80s,”

In the Heroes of Xandar collection, the designs feature a multicolored look with a rock concert poster that reflects the film’s sense of charisma, which included six pop songs from that era on the onboard soundtrack.

“All the cool neon colors and bright colors really bring life to that era,” Melchiorie said.

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The characters of the movie look inspired by two groups.

“We sort of carry that through with role-playing pieces, but also with ready-to-wear pieces” like jackets, Melchiori said. The Honorary Guardian Collection builds the story of the journey.

“As part of the attraction experience, you have been appointed an honorary trustee,” she said. “So we created an entire line for the whole family around Honorary Guardians with a unique badge that is only for Honorary Guardians. We pulled a lot of items from their costumes from Gamora to Peter Quill and we would have those plaid details and his jacket details there throughout that line.”

Guardians gear will be sold at the Treasures of Xandar store near the ride exit and elsewhere in Walt Disney World. Expect more.

“We know what we want to open up with, but then we always think about what kind of look is going to be the next new look we can expand our storytelling with,” Melchiorie said.

The coaster is available to select Disney World Annual Card holders to preview now. The grand opening date is May 27.

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