Cotentin: This family business has become the standard for mobile homes and caravans

Jacqueline campers offer the largest choice of recreational vehicles in Normandy. The company, which moved to Carentan in the early 1980s, was moved to Cherbourg-en-Cotentin. (© La Presse de la Manche)

« agitation to camping car Do not weaken. This is amazing passion started before COVID-19and the health crisis It has only enhanced the allure of this mode of entertainment, a true mobile health bubble that allows you to escape with complete flexibility, simplicity, comfort and independence. »

Cedric Bertaux and 14 employees of Jacqueline mobile homes, installed in ice cream shop (Municipality delegated Cherbourg en Cotentinchannel) along The RN 13We are proud of your ability to welcome new and old customers to A extended agencyWith Showroom completely renovated 2 years ago, more 1200 square meters covered.

45,000 to 150,000 euros

company Norman familyfounded in 1979Jacqueline has 700 vehicles In stock or to come, distributed among them Six privilegesat Normandy and in Brittany.

We find there more than others Great choice possible in the area with permanent births from 21 Marquis Mobile homes, vans, caravans and vans, including market leaders Bürstner and Rapido. The price range differs from 45,000 to 150,000 eurosaccording to Cuts and the means of comfort from vehicles.

Together with enthusiastic camper van owners seeking to discover a new territory or frontier country, a new clients Featured, smaller, followers Escapades Shorter and sometimes unplanned.

also added Workers at big displacement who prefer comfort From the cart transported to the cramped quarters in a hotel room. with one Antenna 4G +It is even possible to work remotely from your mobile home. The Manufacturers and others mechanics I did in recent years overall effort To produce cars that are more modern, more comfortable and better equipped.

double services

At La Glacierie, the company has developed a profile used garden With the possibility of vehicle recall a finance area With allotted credits Over the course of nine years, a After sales service with maintenance, separate pieces and repair as well as a accessories store on 350 m² where you can find disheselements of plein air And everything you need to complete the equipment of your apartment on wheels.

Videos: Currently in Actu

Despite the tensions in this market, about ten models are available electric bikes Folding completes the show.

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