Cowboy news: instant feedback from the first day of the rookie mini camp

Dan Quinn gets his wish to coach Sam Williams – Nick Eatman,

On day one, Sam Williams was impressed by his shorts and T-shirts.

Frisco, Texas – Dan Quinn was the Cowboys’ defensive coordinator on the same football field with now Sam Williams twice in his life.

But it was because of the feeling Quinn had after the first time, perhaps one of the main reasons for having a second time.

The second event took place on Friday during the Cowboys’ mini camp at The Star.

Williams, a second-round draft pick for the Cowboys, was among the 30-plus rookies on the field for the first time together.

Maybe he mixed up a bit more this time, but Quinn remembered the first time he got a chance to rate Williams in person as the Cowboys sent some coaches to the Ole Miss for a pre-drill.

Leaving the field that day, I remember saying to Mike (McCarthy), ‘Man, I’d really like to train this guy. “So that feels good.”

And it might be a great feeling, especially considering the Cowboys already drafted Williams with the 56th overall pick.

Tyler Smith pleased with early work in the Guard – David Hellman,

Tyler Smith took most of his left guard reps on the first day of training.

Frisco, Texas – Call it a good first day at work.

Despite all the talk and anticipation, at one point on Friday morning Tyler Smith realized that this was just another football practice. And while it might be his first time playing guard in some time, the Cowboys’ first-round draft pick was pleased with the result.

“I was so relieved, I wouldn’t even lie,” Smith said. “You surprise yourself sometimes. It was a great feeling.”

What better preparation for Smith to make the change than a series of practices that Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy refers to as mentoring? The rookie streak man was a left-handed interference throughout his college career, but he played the left guard as a high school student.

While McCarthy was sure to note that Smith would serve in several different positions, he was allowed to display the sportsmanship that made him a first-round pick.

“You can see a pickpocket something jumping in your face,” he said.

The rookies will be working with veterans over the next week, so it will be interesting to see what the big picture looks like for Smith. On Friday, he worked primarily on the left guard with fellow draft pick Matt Waltzko serving as his fellow draft pick.

McCarthy salutes the Cowboys’ rookie class – Adam Bradshaw, Silver Star Nation

Heed coach Mike McCarthy salutes the 2022 rookie class on day one at a junior junior camp.

Frisco, Texas (Silver Star Nation) — The NFL clubs are starting their junior camps to learn about the 2022 NFL class.

At Star in Frisco, the Dallas Cowboys welcomed their rookie class with a celebratory dinner Thursday night, followed by light training on Friday.

Head coach Mike McCarthy says he’s using the phrase “rookie mentoring” instead of “rookie camp” because the next several days’ events will be a mix of football and other activities to make sure veterans and rookies get a chance to get to know the team and each other.

“I mean, 24 hours at that, you know, it’s really good. I mean, it was fun last night, you know, you know, they all travel during the morning. You know, their physical exams went on all afternoon. I mean, as You know, we shot it. I thought Jerry was great at 6:00 and welcome home. And you know, just laying the groundwork, you know, what’s ahead of them in terms of opportunity and especially opportunity was the Dallas Cowboy. So, you know, we had some fun. In their old uniforms, you know, and their old uniforms and things like that. And you know, their recognition of every one of them, you know, being successful in college. And then the truth is, you know, that’s the starting point of, you know, what it is to be Dallas. Cowboy, what does it take to be a Dallas Cowboy. We’ve had a really great tradition in the history of the video that our crew gets together. It’s kind of funny because, you know, near the end we move on, you know, all this cool stuff, you know, stands out on the Over the decades, you know, the history of Dallas Cowboys.

Dallas Cowboys first-round pick Tyler Smith and other recruits to junior contracts – RJ Ochoa, Blogging the Boys

Draft class contracts for 2022 are underway.

The Cowboys in Dallas They are holding their junior camp this weekend, providing their first chance for their draft picks and unoccupied free agents to work with the team.

While the draft process itself is the most important part of bringing in new talent, there is also the commercial aspect of football operations. Cowboys ate this Thursday before Get the fifth round with the selection of John Ridgway under contract On Friday, news broke that they were interested in their first-round selection.

Number one Tyler Smith, and other selectors signed rookie contracts with the Dallas Cowboys.

Cowboys’ UDFA Ready to ‘Make People Respect Him’ in 2022 – Matthew Lennox, AZ Dallas

UDFA Cowboys are ready for camp!

The Cowboys did an excellent job of bringing in talented, incredible agents like center Alec Lindstrom, wide receiver Dontario Drummond and linebacker Storey Jackson. However, one that has stood out among the rest as the overwhelming fan favorite is safety Markquese Bell of Florida A&M.

Bale was one of the Cowboys’ 30 hits and was a player who looked like he might be a Day 3 steal in the Dallas Draft. Thankfully, the Cowboys hung him up, and he has many of the traits that defensive coordinator Dan Quinn coveted as fifth-round cornerback DaRon Bland.

As with unskilled starters and late picks, Bell will have to show and prove special teams as he develops, a path adopted by Devin Harper in Round Six. HBCU has the same mindset as Harper when it comes to how to contribute to the Cowboys this season.

“I want to contribute to special teams,” Bell said. “This will put my foot in the door. I want to learn the rules of the game and meet with some seniors who know the system and learn from them to help me get to where I want to go.”

Bale was very productive for the Rattlers last season. He logged 95 tackles (6.5 interferences for a loss), one interception, two kisses, and five forced fuss on his way to receiving the All-MEAC Honor. Pairing that with his 6’2 tire, 36.5-inch upright, and 4.41 velocity, Bell could have easily been offended by not being drafted.

Cowboys’ Steven Jones at Postseason: ‘We won’t be at peace until we get over this hump’ – Bobby Konak,

What does it take to get over the hump?

The Dallas Cowboys remains, probably now and forever, one of the most storied franchises in all of professional sports. The team’s extensive history of personalities, talents, and successes ensures a standing ovation.

The problem that Executive Vice President Stephen Jones has is not with ancient history, but the club’s recent past. The Cowboys didn’t make it to the NFC Championship game this century, having instead watched three collegiate Super Bowls go to the NFC East competition in that span. Jones knows that reality must change – for fans and the team alike.

“We have to take the next step,” Jones told Adam Sheen on Friday. Mad Dog Sports . Radio. “I think everyone on this team – from Mike [McCarthy] And his coaching staff to Dak [Prescott] And the players – they all know we have to be successful in the post-season. This is the end of the game. Our fans deserve it. Surely, we will not be at peace until we get over this hump.”

Should the Cowboys sign James Bradbury? – Nick Coppola, Inside the Star

Should the Cowboys consider signing with Bradbury?

After the Giants released veteran cornerback James Bradbury on Monday, should the Cowboys bring in their former Pro Bowler?

Bradbury will enter his seventh NFL season in 2022 and will drop a year in 2021. While he scored four career-high interceptions and 17 assists, the former giants allowed 848 yards to be covered, according to Pro Football Reference. It’s the most yards he has given up in his career after allowing him to hit 587 yards in his career low in 2020. Bradbury also allowed eight touchdowns and led all headers with 21.7 percent of missed tackles.

However, he could return to his new team for 2020. It has been a special year for Bradberry, allowing for a passing rating of 81.2 on targeting and a coverage score of 79.9 from Pro Football Focus. His three interceptions and his career passing breakup to 18 points earned Bradbury his first Pro Bowl pick. He suffered a dip in 2021, but Bradbury is still a talented corner player.

His experience covering NFC East receivers will be beneficial. Bradbury has spent the past two seasons covering players like Terry McLaurin and DeVonta Smith. Having been the No. 1 linebacker in New York during his short tenure there, he has experience covering many of the top receivers. The extra depth wouldn’t hurt in the rear corner position either, especially given the uncertainty surrounding Kelvin Joseph’s legal position.

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