Dallas True Crime TV Shows: From Gangster Murders to Axe Murders

Four series currently in the works, or now streaming, centered around the crime epics that took place here in North Texas.

Dallas – North Texas hasn’t lacked its share of true crime over the years.

And Hollywood seems to be picking up on that.

Four series currently in the works, or now streaming, centered around the crime epics that took place here in North Texas.

The highlight of the set, for now, is the Hulu series on Candy Montgomery, the Wylie woman who killed her lover’s wife with an ax in 1980.

Montgomery, who played Jessica Biel on the show, was acquitted on the grounds of self-defense. The Hulu series, “Candy” isn’t the only Montgomery-focused show. HBO is also launching its own series on the ax later this year, starring Elizabeth Olsen.

But Montgomery isn’t the only crime history that gets attention.

Here is an overview of each one:

Kill Montgomery candy with an ax

Offers): “Candy” on Hulu and “Love and Death” on HBO.

candies Created by Nick Antuska and Robin Faith with Jessica Biel as Candy, Melanie Linsky as Betty Gore, Pablo Schreiber as Alan Gore, and Timothy Simmons as Pat Montgomery.

The upcoming HBO Max series stars Elizabeth Olsen as Candy, Jesse Plemons as Alan Gore, Patrick Fugit as Pat Montgomery and Lily Rabe as Betty Gore.

The show revolves around the brutal murder of Betty Gore in Willie in 1980.

Candy Montgomery killed Betty Gore by chopping an axe at her 41 times, after a standoff over Montgomery’s months-long affair with Gore’s husband, according to the Texas Monthly Report on the Montgomery trial.

Betty Gore confronts Candy Montgomery over the case, which leads to an ax fight. Candy Montgomery prevailed in the struggle, then assaulted Betty Gore 41 times, killing her.

Candy Montgomery was eventually arrested and charged with the murder of Betty Gore. In court, Candy Montgomery pleaded that she killed Gore in self-defense, saying “after being struck with the ax twice by [Betty] Then control the heavier and larger weapon [Betty] refusal to allow [Candy] Go.”

Southlake cartel murder

Displays: “Mi Vecino, El Cartel (The Cartel Among Us)” on Univision Streaming

Selena Gomez partnered with Univision to create a true crime documentary about a cartel-related murder in South Lake in 2013.

Univision announced the partnership this week.

Documentary in Spanish entitled Running poster (The cartel is among us), on the Univision broadcast platform in 2022.

Gomez is producing the series through her Moon production studio in July, along with production company Blackfin.

Gomez, a native of Grand Prairie, said she was fascinated by the story as a fan of true crime content and as someone who grew up close to where the murder took place.

“Not only did it happen near my hometown of Texas, but it was also a different story than anything I’ve heard before,” Gomez said in a press release. “I’m excited to partner with Univision and pull the layers out of his double life.”

Juan Jesus Guerrero Chapa, a lawyer with links to the Gulf Cartel in Mexico, was shot dead in South Lake Town Square in July 2013.

Two men, Jesus Gerardo Ledesma Cepeda and Jose Luis Cepeda Cortes, were convicted in 2016 of stalking Guerrero Chapa. But they were not the ones who attacked Chapa; According to officials, the shooting is still at large.

“Cowboy Mafia” Denton

HBO announced last week that the network is developing “King Rex,” a miniseries chronicling how, in the late 1970s, Denton’s North Texas kingdom of cowboy Rex Cauble was itself decimated by a judge’s gavel, the IRS, and the FBI.

The series doesn’t have an air date yet, but it does have a star. Henry Winkler will play Coble, with Winkler’s son, Max, to direct the pilot.

The series would have had another catchy title: “Cowboy Mafia,” the name the Texas media gave Operation Cauble.

In 1980, as Coble’s case was working through the courts, Texas Monthly Lawrence Wright got into this saga, writing a true crime essay titled “The Mafia of Rex Cowple and Cowboy.”

And it was nothing short of a thriller.

The piece details Cauble’s rise as a young oil scavenger and eventual millionaire; his projects in expensive quarter horses, including the famous Bell Cutter, world champion horse shearing; and eventually his friendship with Charles “Massels” Foster, the alleged gang leader of the smuggling operation.

Cauble was eventually convicted of racketeering and sentenced to five years in federal prison.

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