Dave Hearst’s column about kayaking

It’s May, and it’s time to celebrate the sanity machines. If you ask, “What is a mind machine?” Then you missed last week’s column.

We explored the joys of riding a bike and how this simple activity can keep people healthy – both physically and mentally. It provides exercise and fresh air (assuming you’re not on an exercise bike) and has a great way to focus the mind on the moment and its immediate surroundings, leaving concerns and fears behind for a while.

Other reasonable machines can achieve the same, including some motorized machines. However, I believe that the more effective it is to engage us physically, the more effective it will be in taking care of our mental health.

Another machine at the top of my list is the kayak, which is inexpensive to own, maintain, and operate. (Kaats and inflatables are also eligible, but my knowledge of them is more limited.)

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