Dealing with Mom’s Anxiety When Leaving on a Business Trip

There are less busy things than motherhood, and any mother can attest to that. Whether the mom is a housewife, working mom or working from home mom, there is always something to be done. However, although they all face their own struggles, their struggles are different. A working mother faces her own unique challenges, and one of them may be the need to travel for work. If her mom has a job that requires her to go on trips around the country or the world, that can be tough.

It can be difficult to navigate childcare or prepare your partner to do some individual parenting while you are away, but it can also affect your mother. Even a mother who routinely travels for work can suffer from a lot of anxiety and worry about leaving her children. However, the business trip involves a certain amount of attention and focus, and a mother may not be able to constantly worry about her children, so she needs some coping tips and skills on how to manage these feelings.

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There is some prep work

Sometimes, much of our anxiety falls on the unknown. If we feel more prepared, we can start dealing with anxiety, lowering it before it has a chance to get out of control. According to parents, preparing yourself and your family before the trip can help reduce some of this anxiety.

  • Talk well with your kids and partner about your upcoming trip, your kids may have some concerns as well and this is when you can address them.
  • Try to make all the routines at home normal before you leave, and try and make sure they stay the same when you leave. This may mean leaving an outline for your partner if they are not usually involved in daily tasks and times.

check in

When you leave, keep your farewell short and direct. Don’t try to sneak out, or let it linger. Simply state that it is time for you to leave, that you love them and will miss them, and then walk out the door. It’s also important to let them know that you’ll check with them. Checking in frequently will help you control your anxiety.

Take a look at your schedule in the know and see if you can find a fixed time that you can call. This way you know when to call them, and they know when to expect your call.

Think of the worst case scenario

This might be the hardest thing to do, but if done right, it can really help. According to Alpha Mom, when you have moments when your anxiety is rampant, ask yourself what the worst case scenario could be. Maybe they go to bed in a bit because you’re not there, or maybe their dad lets them eat a lot of sweets. If this is the worst case scenario, not only are they not feeling well, but they are probably having the best time of their lives.

Sometimes business trips can cause increased anxiety because a mother, in general, has some anxiety about leaving her children. If this has dominated your mind throughout your trip, where you can’t enjoy anything, it may be time to tackle separation anxiety as a whole.

Of course, it will always help to bring photos and videos with you. Fortunately, we all have this on our cell phones now, and looking at it may help ease your fears and make you feel better. If you want to get a small gift for them, spend some time shopping. This will help you think about them, and your anxiety may turn into excitement as you can’t wait to go home and give them their new gifts.

Try to find some time to enjoy

According to Mums in the San Francisco Bay Area, it’s important that you try to find some time to enjoy yourself. While the business trip revolves around work, there should be moments when you can do something for yourself. This is, after all, away from your kids and the busy life you lead at home for quite some time. It can also help you distract yourself so you don’t go back to the hotel room to sit down and think about what your kids might do.

The truth is that there may not be a magic cure that will remove all your fears, but experience helps. The more time you spend away from your children, the more comfortable you will feel because you will gain that reassurance that they are okay.

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