Dingell Secures Dearborn Funding + Dearborn Couple House Hunting

Dingell Secures Dearborn Funding + Dearborn Couple House Hunting

Morning, people of Dearborn! Dylan Siwicki here with a fresh copy of theDearborn Daily.

First, today’s weather:

Quite cold, becoming breezy. High: 26 Low: 18.

Here are the top stories today in Dearborn:

  1. Dingell secure about $3 million for Dearborn in House appropriations omnibus package. (Dearborn Press and Guide)
  2. Parades, festivals and trade shows are back: These events are returning to metro Detroit. (Detroit Free Press)
  3. Dearborn couple face ups, downs of real estate market after more than a year of house hunting. (Dearborn Press and Guide)
  4. Police: 4-year-old Wixom boy dies after suspected child abuse. (WDIV)

Today in Dearborn:

  • Final Warning Daylight Savings Starts at Midnight tonight (12:00 AM)
  • Tin Can Raffle (9:00 AM)
  • Public Museum Hours – Automotive Hall of Fame (10:00 AM)

From my notebook:

  • Nextdoor Neighbor, Southwestern Outer Drive: “Has anyone had an egress window installed in their basement and had good luck with the installer and the equipment?. – Need recommendations please.” (Nextdoor)
  • Dept. of Communications Associate Emily Panchenko, City of Dearborn: “New Veterans Resource Center in Dearborn – The City of Dearborn Government’s new Veterans Resource Center, located at the Henry Ford Centennial Library, is now staffed and available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. For more informa…” (Nextdoor)
  • Nextdoor Neighbor, Dearborn Hills: “Lost Siamese Cat in Dearborn Hills – My 5 months old Siamese cat got out late last night while taking my trash out. If anyone has seen it, please message me. Any help is greatly appreciated. Mohawk / Lafayette / Claremont streets nei.. (Nextdoor)

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Alrighty, you’re all good for today. I’ll see you around!

Dylan Siwicki

About me: I was born and raised on Detroit’s Westside, in the hard working blue-collar Polish neighborhood of Warrendale. I’m a Detroit Public School graduate who fought hard to earn my education. My aspiration into journalism came as a young kid, when I began following the corruption scandal of former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. My first break in to the journalism world began with the opportunity to work at the Michigan Journal, where I primarily reported on campus and local news throughout Dearborn community. I eventually worked my way to news editor. In correlation to work in journalism, I had an amazing opportunity to study and write about many different cultures and backgrounds at the Piast Institute, which also helped me prepare for this role. So with first-hand experience growing up in a tight-knit neighborhood, I know the importance of delivering news and telling stories that impact local communities. And as a breaking news editor at Patch for Metro Detroit, it’s my job to deliver that news. So feel free to contact me about news tips or your own unique experiences at [email protected]

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