Dirty needles washed onto Lake Hume’s shoreline on Victoria, New South Wales border

Twice this week, hypodermic needles have been found dumped at Lake Hume on the Victoria, New South Wales border, prompting a warning to barefoot visitors at the popular recreation spot.

Mother of one Alex Shain was walking her dogs at Bethanga in Victoria on Wednesday when she came across more than a dozen of capped and uncapped needles.

“I was walking for about ten minutes or so and then I saw a needle about five meters up from the water,” Miss Shain said.

“And as I walked along I saw more that were uncapped.”

Miss Shain used an empty can of drink to collect all the needles she could find but is concerned there are still more out there.

“I think I got about 15 all up, and out of them, about ten were uncapped,” she said.

More than 80 syringes were found floating in the water and along the shoreline near a popular recreation reserve at Lake Hume.(Supplied: Peter Bennett)

Miss Shain said she was horrified to think she had only been out at the lake with her young daughter a few weeks ago.

She was concerned about people considering heading out on the water for the Queen’s Birthday long weekend, and has urged people to be on alert.

“And I would hate for my four-and-a-half year-old to have come along and picked one up.”

She said she was particularly concerned that most syringes she found were not capped.

“I was really paranoid about my dogs that were running along the shoreline too,” she said.

She contacted local police who said they would send officers out to investigate.

Not the first time

It was the second time in less than a week that syringes have been found in the water at the lake.

On Sunday, Peter Bennet had been at a popular area of ​​the lake, north of the border in New South Wales known as The Pines, when he came across a large number of needles.

He said there were more than 80 syringes floating in the water, many were uncapped.

“I basically grabbed a pair of tongs and a bucket and collected them.”

Needles on shoreline of Lake Hume.
More than a dozen uncapped needles were found on the shoreline of Lake Hume on the Victorian New South Wales border.(Image Supplied: Alex Shain.)

Mr Bennett immediately contacted New South Wales Police who told him to take the syringes to the Albury Base Hospital to be disposed of.

He said he had been going out to the Lake for more than 20 years and this was the first time he had seen anything like it.

“It’s really disappointing, there are so many people with pets and kids that go out there whether it is winter or summer,” he said.


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