Don’t Go Camping Without Gearing Up with Backcountry Deals

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Accessible Camping Gear at Backcountry

Camping season is upon us. Whether you’re a die-hard wilderness expert or a first-time car camper, make sure you’re well-prepped. Backcountry has all the camping (and camping-adjacent) gear that you’ll need, regardless of your level of skill or interest. Case in point: Backcountry is offering up to 20 percent off Stoic gear and apparel–it’s a brand built around the idea that camping shouldn’t be difficult or expensive, which means it’s time for you to score a deal via Backcountry here.


Car Camping Should Be Easy

You don’t have to bushwhack into the wilderness to go camping. Just get out of the city and into nature. Regardless of your destination, a sturdy, reliable and quality shelter like the Stoic Madrone Tent will serve you well.

Entry-Level Backpacking

The key to successful backpacking, regardless of how far or long you’re hiking, is weight; namely, less is more. Typically, lightweight gear is priced like platinum, but Stoic’s line of backpacking equipment has you covered for prices as light as the gear itself. Tents, bags, camp chairs, cooking kits and more–stock up stress-free, whether it’s your first venture or simply your next.

Or, Stay Local (Just Don’t Skimp on Your Gear)

If you’d rather enjoy nature without the whole “camping” part, your backyard or the nearby park fits the bill. But make sure you’re not going empty-handed or ill-prepared. Gear doesn’t have to break the bank: check out chairs fit for royalty, crowd-pleasing bivy blankets with tie-down points for strategic picnic-ing or pick up an approachable sun shelter for midday hangs.

Camp Apparel

You can’t wear regular weekend outfits if you’re off-grid, but that doesn’t mean sacrificing style. Stoic’s camp apparel can hang in the woods just as well as at the killer brewery that’s walking distance from your campsite (wow… what a coincidence…). You’ll find plenty of apparel to suit every outdoor need, and your wallet won’t even bat an eye. Check out Stoic’s puffy poncho, grab some technical layers and find some sick hikers while you’re at it—then go grab a beer.


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