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GRAND SHOT, Wisconsin – Nassim Nunez had a say in both the start and end of the Beloit SkyCarb’s 1-0 win over the Wisconsin Timber-Rattlers in Game One on Sunday at the Neuroscience Group Field at Fox Cities Stadium.

Nunez made a run for Sky Carp (41-47 overall, 10-13 second half) at the top of the first half. He made a 3-2 run with one exit and a second steal. He then stole third place and scored from a foul in play to take a 1-0 lead. Nunez is the leader of the Midwest League at Stolen Bases. He has 44 steals per season.

This was the only run allowed by bowler Antoine Kelly of Wisconsin. The left-handed walked three times, allowed four hits, and hit seven times during five rounds to keep the offense close.

Beloit player Dax Fulton blasted off in 5-2/3 runs with nine strokes. The Timber Rattlers (48-40, 12-11) had something against Fulton by two for sixth. Joe Gray Jr. just missed a confused home run as he hit a double height from the wall in the left of center. Tristan Peters was next, and he drew a gait to mark the start on the plinth.

Sky Carp invited Tyler Mitzel to take over for Fulton and the Beloit rep got a heavy blow to end the threat.

At the bottom of the seventh, Ashton McGee singled out to start the inning. Metzl got another strike for the first out. After that, Antonio Pinheiro hit a grinder into the hole for a short while. Nunez stopped the dive, and rolled into second place strength over McGee for the second time. Jose Salas made a powerful turn and throw to complete the final 6-4-3 double play.

2 . game

GRAND SHUT, WI – Beloit SkyCarb jumped early 5-0 and defeated the Wisconsin Timber-Rattlers 5-2 in Game Two on Sunday at the Neuroscience Group Field at Fox Cities Stadium. The win in the Night’s Cup gave SkyCarb a double-header sweep and a sweep of the three-game series.

The second game started the same way the first game started. Nassim Nunez drew a second steal. Bennett Hostetler reached a single with two holdouts to put runners into corners. Davis Bradshaw sent a slow shot into the third baseline for a lined one to score for Nunez and Beloit (42-47 overall, 11-13 second half) was 1-0 up.

Sky Carp added to his lead in the second half. Dalvy Rosario doubled down to start the run and moved up to third on the grounder. Kyler Castillo led in Rosario with a sacrifice fly for a 2-0 advantage.

Wisconsin starting player Justin Jarvis retired the first two hitters he encountered at the top of the third inning. Then, he chose Hostler and Bradshaw. Ynmanol Marinez followed it up with one RBI single. Dalphie Rosario capped the inning with a two-game treble and Beloit was leading 5-0.

Pat Monteverde was the main SkyCarb shooter. He threw five goalless innings with three hits, walks, and six hits. In three games against the Timber Rattlers this season, Monteverde has delivered 15-2/3 goalless runs.

The Timber Rattlers’ attack against loyalist Raul Britto broke through at the bottom of the sixth inning. Tristan Peters singles, Joe Gray Jr. doubles to start the inning. Ashton McGee drove her car in Peters with Grander. Darren Miller Grey hit with a duet duet to the right. This was as close as the Rattlers could get (48-41, 12-12).

Brito took the final from sixth place. Robinson Martinez worked the bottom 1-2-3 into the seventh net for a tackle.

Wisconsin lost seven consecutive games for the first time this season.

The Timber Rattlers are discontinued on Monday. They returned to action Tuesday at the Neuroscience Group Field at Fox Cities Stadium to begin a six-game streak with Cedar Rapids Kernels. Russell Smith (2-4, 4.63) is the scheduled starting pitcher for Wisconsin. The Kernels named John Stankiewicz (2-4, 5.85) as their starter. Play time is 6:40 PM.

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