Dust Zamboni is your best friend for dry mountain bike trails

Bend, Oregon experienced a very dry summer in 2021, and brisk afternoon thunderstorms swept across hiking and biking trails in less-than-ideal conditions. Rainwater turned single streams into muddy streams and washed away the upper layer of the earth, exposing hydrophobic soils high in silica, so the water flows onto the surface rather than saturating it. As a result, the trails were drier — and dustier — than usual. Enter the Zamboni Dust, which is the equivalent of mountain biking like the glacier Zamboni. With two spray tanks holding a total of 14 liters of water, and mounted on Old Man Mountain Divide racks, this exotic tool kept dust in place, making the ride more enjoyable for cyclists. Check out Old Man Mountain’s the dust Zamboni aboveAnd Produced by Reverb Films.

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