EcoFlow Portable Air Conditioner Makes Summer Camp Less Absorbent

Call it glamping, or call it being better prepared. Just know that you don’t have to wake up in a puddle of sweat in your tent when camping in the summer with the EcoFlow Wave. The Wave portable air conditioner is actually EcoFlow’s first electric appliance since its previous products were a portable power plant and solar panels.


EcoFlow says the Wave has the largest cooling capacity among battery-powered portable air conditioners at 4,000 BTU. There are actually quite a few portable air conditioner options, but not many with an actual compressor like what you see in regular home air conditioners. The only real competition in this category will be the Zero Breeze Mark 2, which only delivers 2,300 BTUs.

Full night with air conditioning At 4,000 BTU, the wave is enough to cool whatever you’re using it for. EcoFlow says the wave takes about eight minutes to cool an 86-square-foot space, about the size of a four-person tent.

With 4,000 BTUs, EcoFlow Wave will cool most tents in minutes.EcoFlow

If you’re blasting the cooling mode on the Wave all the time, you’ll only get three hours of uptime. EcoFlow is built into an intelligent battery-allocation algorithm that automatically switches between cooling and fan modes based on battery level, so you can get virtually eight hours with this mode.

Designed with an inverter compressor, the Wave won’t fluctuate temperatures too much and will give you a consistent level of coolness all night long. EcoFlow has made it very easy to use with a tablet and screen, but you can also pair it with your smartphone through the EcoFlow app.


The Wave device is very convenient for charging as you can charge it through a wall socket, car charging port, portable power stations or solar panels. The portable air conditioner comes in at about 40 pounds, plus its battery weighs 16 pounds, but that’s light enough to be a part of your summer camp setup.

Aggregation – The EcoFlow Wave is available for pre-order now on their website in a Kickstarter-style setup. The Wave with its attachable battery is $1,799, but it will come in at $2,299 when the discount ends. If you don’t want the battery and can keep it plugged into a permanent power source, you can just get the portable AC on its own for $1199 now ($1499 later).

EcoFlow also offers packages with portable power plants, Delta Pro or Delta Max, starting at currently $2,499. Each of these bundles are limited to 200 and EcoFlow expects to begin shipping them in early July.

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