Elden Ring Player makes his character look like a bloodborne hunter

The creativity of the Elden Ring community knows no bounds, as one player recently designed his character to look like a hunter from Bloodborne.

There is no denying creativity elden ring social communication. Whether this is how someone modifies the game, or the completely broken but illogical structures players put together, or how players have created everything from Waluigi to Melina with the character creator, creativity is everywhere in elden ring.

level of customization in elden ringThe character builder combined with the various building capabilities has led to gameplay creations like Wolverine, Sonic the Hedgehog and even Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Now, single player tried to design and build a hunter from transfused with blood.

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Redditor probadplayer recently shared his creations with the community, adding the caption “A hunter must be a hunter, even in the lands in between.” There is no doubt that some elden ringThe most hideous monsters fit perfectly into a world blood borne, so this intersection is appropriate. In short, the player darkens his character as much as he can, puts on a face mask, and puts on some simple, solid, and semi-Victorian outfits.

Interested fans can click here to see the rest of the photos, but it is worth noting that the image of the moon with this elden ring appropriate character. As fans know, the moon plays a huge role in Bloodborne and so it goes with the theme. Some fans have a theory that Elden Ring endings are basically old prequels to some FromSoftware games, with Age of Stars ending leading to the events of transfused with blood.

While this fan theory isn’t likely to be truly proven, it’s just another example of the community’s creativity. However, it is worth noting that it is easy to look at this and see a completely different character. Some comments on this post indicated that the probadplayer’s attempt at Hunter also looks like Noob Saibot from deadly combprivilege t. It’s hard not to see, but in terms of making a file blood borne Hunter N elden ringThis is a very good attempt.

naturally, elden rings popularity has remained consistent since launch, and fans are likely to get more engagement in blood borne Hunter in the game. With so many possibilities, it would be nice to know what fans are coming up with next.

elden ring Available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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