Emirates News Agency – Abu Dhabi International Food Industry Exhibition 2022 organizes Arabian horse auction

ABU DHABI, 24th July, 2020 (WAM) — The Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Authority (ADIHEX) has announced that it will present the 2022 Abu Dhabi Arabian Horse Auction – Speed ​​Racing as the latest feature in its upcoming edition, ADIHEX 2022.

ADIHEX 2022 will see the participation of a wide range of regional companies specializing in the manufacture of riding supplies, trailers, horse boxes, horseshoes, saddles, harnesses, nutritional supplements, feed, riding apparel and boots, as well as equestrian skills schools. This is in addition to the special features that attract horse lovers of all age groups.

The Emirates Arabian Horse Society (EAHS) participates annually in ADIHEX, and is a major and active partner in the features and activities of this important sector. In cooperation with the Emirates Falconers Club, this year EAHS will participate in the organization of the Arabian Horse Auction – Speed ​​Races, where approximately 20-30 horses will be auctioned by Arabian horse breeders and owners as well as those interested in purchasing elite flat racing horses.

During the exhibition, EAHS will organize several educational lectures on the equestrian sector platform revolving around EAHS registration services, horse feeding system, conditions for registration of Arabian horses, and characteristics of Arabian desert horses.

The EAHS Pavilion at ADIHEX will display a chronology of its history and origins, the first e-book of Arabian horses in the Middle East, EAHS services, a small museum of its most notable collections, and statistics for Arabian horse breeders, owners and stables. Registered in the UAE, a photo gallery of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, a chronological photo gallery of purebred Arabian horse beauty contests, and rare heritage articles on Arabian horses, in addition to a display of purebred Arabian horses. Contests organized and sponsored by EAHS over the past seasons, mini stands for displaying horse saddles, and a corner for live Arabian horse drawing sessions.

The next edition of ADIHEX will see wide regional and international participation in the equestrian sector. Thousands of horse riding enthusiasts are waiting for companies and brands to display the latest products, the finest clothing and equipment that help develop their skills and teach their children to practice this traditional sport, as well as their eagerness to participate in specialized workshops and attend live performances.

The people of the Emirates have been known for decades for their interest in horses as one of the most prominent elements of association with Arab values. Throughout the ages, this interest has developed to be linked to national identity and the authenticity of belonging through knowledge of the ancient dynasties whose descendants returned to Arab origins.

The late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan was interested in acquiring the best purebred Arabian horse breeds. Based on his extensive experience and knowledge, he believed that this was a reason for goodness, optimism and serenity of spirit.

He encouraged the establishment and organization of horse races in the UAE and other countries around the world. To this day, French horse owners are still indebted to Sheikh Zayed for the entry of purebred Arabian horses into the French tracks since 1994, specifically the city of Chantilly, and from there they moved to other racetracks all over Europe.

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