Errol Sweetser Presents a Book that Provides a Shift in Perspective on Life, Nature, and Adventure

Erroll Lee Sweetser has embraced life in ways that allow him to enjoy it more. In his Quest for the Ridge series, he imparts philosophical treasures that everyone can adopt to become more self-aware and sufficient. The Quest for the Ridge series is composed of four thought-provoking books which he compiles in “Quest for the Ridge: 84 Years of Fly Fishing.”

“Life and living are complex systems interwoven in reality and fantasy, happiness and sadness, but always fusing with one’s dreams in the spirit of the Creator, the wilderness, and one’s special quest for his or her ridge.” –Errol writes.

The book is an anthology of short stories, prose, and poetry. Errol presents his philosophical ideas through different characters, including inanimate objects such as Puky, the Loyal Bear, who teaches us that we can find comfort in a loyal companion. And as an experienced fisherman, there is no way Errol will miss out on the opportunity of taking the readers back to his exciting fishing trips and adventures in nature. The book also comes with heart-tugging poetry that can invoke many emotions.

Errol’s innate love for life and adventures allows him to write from his heart and present his story in an unconventional but relatable manner. The lessons prescribed in this book provide solace for those that are at war with themselves. It is an eye-opener for those confined in their fears and what-ifs. The world is a beautiful place—your journey is an adventure waiting to happen.

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Quest for the Ridge: 84 Years of Fly Fishing
Author: Errol Lee Sweetser
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date: March 2022
Book Genre: Literature & Fiction

About the Author:

The author, Errol Lee Sweetser was born in Alamosa, Colorado on March 30, 1937. He was introduced to trout fishing at a young age by his father who at the time was a school teacher in Mosca, Colorado.

Errol slowly matured as a trout fisherman and then by the age of ten was becoming a true fly-fisherman and wilderness adventurer.

Errol moved and spent his childhood years on a five-acre farm in Arvada, Colorado and continued to explore the Colorado Wilderness and the fishing possibilities therein.

He was married to his lovely wife Sally Lu on September 1, 1966 and raised their two children, Tammy and Robert in Evergreen, Colorado. Sally Lu passed across the Ridge in June 2006. Errol now resides in Monte Vista, Colorado along with his five cats, Charcoal Boots, Panther, Carmel, Sylvester and Amos.

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