Every Bobblehead location in Fallout 76

Bobbleheads provide bonuses for skills in Fallout 76 and give players special perks for a limited time.

Players can search the game world and collect these Bobbleheads. When they use one, the benefits go live for an hour before the collectible is gone from their inventory.

Only one Bobblehead will be available per server instance at a time. This means players will have to look closely at the various locations where a Bobblehead can be found in Fallout 76.

Fallout 76 randomly determines the kind of bobblehead that will spawn in a specific location

A look at a Bobblehead found at the Tyler County Fairgrounds in Fallout 76 (Image via Bethesda)

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  • Tyler County Fairgrounds: Go to the party shed in the corner of the location to see if a Bobblehead sits on the long table. One can also be found on top of a token machine by the games section to the south.
  • WV Lumber Co: A Bobblehead may be located behind a toppled-over filing cabinet in the north shed, next to a Nuka Cola vending machine.
  • Landview Lighthouse: Located to the east of Vault 76, Fallout 76 players will find a lighthouse on a hill. Enter it and pay attention to the small windows in the stairwell to see if a Bobblehead is sitting there.
  • Horizon’s Rest: A Bobblehead may be found in the cockpit of the crashed ship, between the pilot seats.
  • The Crosshair: This Raider camp may have a Bobblehead on a stack of crates next to the crafting station.
  • Wavy Willard’s Water Park: One Bobblehead might be located in the mouth of the giant gator ride in this water park. Another may be in the engine room on a tool board behind the large pool area.
  • Willard Corporate Housing: Head to the most intact trailer and look for a Bobblehead on a desk next to a broken computer.
  • Black Bear Lodge: Go to the basement of the lodge, and a Bobblehead may appear in the room with the AI ​​robot in charge of the establishment.
  • Pleasant Valley Ski Resort: A Bobblehead may be picked up on the bottom floor of the resort’s main building, on a shelf full of teddy bears behind the merchant kiosk.
  • Ripper Alley: Move to the back of the cave in Ripper Alley. Look to the wall on the right and a Bobblehead may be sitting on the rocks.
  • US-13C-Bivouac: At this Fallout 76 location, a Bobblehead may be found in the main tent next to a scientist’s skeleton.
  • Treetops: A high-level enemy typically guards the Treehouse, but players can slip past them to find a Bobblehead in the middle of some bowling pins on the first level. Continue climbing to find another Bobblehead on a table in a corner.
  • Firebase Major: Search the main tent of this military camp to find a Bobblehead hidden amongst the crates.

Bobbleheads are very easy to spot when noticed, but some of their locations in Fallout 76 are hidden on purpose. If they aren’t in the locations above, just try again during your next gaming session.

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