Explanation of each Golden Knights emoji

It’s offset season (at least for the Vegas Golden Knights) and I’m reviewing my notebook for random ideas for articles I’ve received all season.

In each game, the Golden Knights Twitter account tweets the team lineups for the game. They do it in an emoji fashion, where each player gets what they want. Here is an example.

Some of these emojis have cute little stories surrounding them. So I thought that since it’s off season, we can bypass them for a quick healthy post today.

Big shout out to Twitter user Luke Guilbeau for tweeting emoji key Every game and also to super_fan_sam for the awesome snowboard artwork at T-Mobile Arena in the featured photo.

Explanation of Vegas Golden Nights Emojis

Max Pacioretty- (Old Atari video game console) – It spells the first three letters of Pacioretty’s last name “PAC” which relates to Pac-Man, the classic video game character.

Chandler Stephenson – 🌾 (Wheat) – Stephenson is from Saskatchewan, which is essentially 251,000 square miles of farmland. The other Golden Knight has a very similar emoji for the same reason.

Mark Stone- 🗿 (Easter Island Stone Statue) – Stone gets a statue made of to forbid.

Jack Eichel- 🎰 (slot machine) – Jack’s emoji indicates hitting a jackpot in slot machine. A very fitting emoji for him and the Golden Knights, who also felt like they had hit the jackpot to get Eichel.

Jonathan Marchessault – 📣 (loudspeaker) – Marchessault is known to be the loudest, most idiotic player of the Golden Knights. I think this speaker emoji indicates how high it is in the room.

William Carlson- 🤠 (cowboy) – William = Bill = Buffalo Bill Cowboy.

Riley Smith – 🍏 (Green Apple) – Grandmother Smith An apple.

Nolan Patrick – ☘️ (four-leaf clover) – The Saint Patrick’s Day badge is a four-leaf clover.

Mattias Janmark-™️ (Brand) – Janmark sounds a lot like the word trademark.

William Carrier- 📫 (PO Box) – Post Transporter mail delivers. Just not Will, he’s busy playing hockey.

Keegan Kolisar – 🔑 (key) – a key– Mr. cyclist.

Pavel Doroviev- 🚪 (door) – Pavel Door– And Fife.

Evgeny Dadonov- 🪃 (Boomerang) – This is my favourite. Dadonov’s original emoji was just the Russian flag. But it has been changed, perhaps for the better. Now he’s bouncing, a sign he’s being traded at Anaheim Ducks until he’s back due to trade cancellation.

Nicholas Roy- 👑 (crown) – people in Roy– Wear crowns.

Jake Leschyshyn- 🎣 (fishing pole) – This doesn’t make sense until you say the words “hunting” and “Leschyshyn” back-to-back out loud.

Michael Amadeo- 🙂 (smiling face) – The Golden Knights were going crazy with Michael A-Angry-io but instead turned that frown upside down and went with a happy face.

Jonas Rondbjerg- 🇩🇰 (Flag of Denmark) – Rondbjerg from Denmark.

Paul Cotter- 🖥 (computer) – Paul Kotter’s initials are computer – just like a computer.

Sven Berchy- 🦌 (Deer) – A reference to the movie Frozen where the name of the reindeer is Sven.

Gage Queenie- 🎲 (Dice) – Queenie made history as the first Nevada-born player in the NHL, so the Golden Knights went with the dice after Las Vegas, Nevada’s most famous city.

Brett Howden- 🍞 (bread) – Brit looks kind of (not really) like bread. We all know Artemi Panarin is the real agent in the NHL.

Brayden McNabb- 🚜 (tractor) – McNabb is also from Saskatchewan – See Chandler Stepheson’s emoji.

Alex Petrangelo- ⛽️ (Fuel Pump) – Petrangelo’s nickname is “Petro” which means petroleum = fuel. * Enter a joke about current gas prices here. *

Alec Martinez- 🍸 (Martini Cup) – Alec Martinez / Martini. The bars in Las Vegas should make this a drink.

Shea Theodore – 🐻 (bear) – Theodore = Teddy = teddy bear.

Zach Whitecloud- ☁️ (cloud) – Are you looking at it as a white cloud?

Nicholas Haig- 🦒 (Giraffe) – At 6 feet – 6 The Hague is one of the tallest Golden Knights, hence the Giraffe.

Dylan Coughlan – ⚙️ (gear) – Gears have cogs. Dylan gear– Helan.

Jake Bischoff – 🐍 ​​(Snake) – I guess that’s simply because the snake rhymes with Jake. Not the prettiest emoji in my opinion, like “snakes” in sports, they are often labeled as traitorous stabs in the back.

Ben Houghton- 🛖 (hut) – I hut-Ton. If there’s a Barbie emoji, he should switch.

Daniil Miromanov- 🪞 (Mirror) – Danielle MirrorManof

Kaidan Kurczak- 🐲 (dragon) – I have no idea about this. Let me know if you know on Twitter @OKrepps85 if you can find an explanation. Sorry I don’t do senior journalism trying to figure out the hockey team’s sentiment representations.

Robin Lehner- 🐼 (Panda) – Here’s Lenner’s explanation from an episode of Spittin Chiclets.

“It’s very simple. I watched King Fu Panda with my son a lot in Chicago and it’s actually a very good movie. I love it – just everything about it. This chubby bear learning to move and I saw myself in him. He learned how to play kung fu and I’m a goalkeeper. Big fat I play in the NHL. “It just felt right,” Lehner said.

Laurent Brossoit- (flexible arm) – I have absolutely no idea why it’s not an emoji for a croissant and also no idea what the flexing arm has to do with Laurent Brossoit.

Logan Thompson – 🐺 (wolf) – Thompson = Tommy Tommy Wolfe was apparently a pianist. Not sure if this was the reference they were looking for but hey, it’s kind of cool.

It looks like the Golden Knights are already in for the hot summer days, even though they finished their season just two weeks ago. Last night was the NHL Draft Lottery as the Golden Knight’s 16th overall pick was officially transferred to the Buffalo Sabers.

Next on the Offseason schedule is Worlds, where three Golden Knights will play.

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