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A trio of South African fishermen fought for 30 minutes to bring in a 97 stone Blue Marlin, during aa fishing trip in the Cape Verdes islands, that was the second biggest ever caught in the Atlantic

South African fishermen celebrate catching a 97 stone Blue Marlin

Three pals on a fishing trip battled for 30 minutes to bring in a 97 stone Blue Marlin which is the second biggest ever caught in the Atlantic.

The South African trio, Ben Vorster, Gerhardt Vorster, and Michael Ross spent six days fishing in the Cape Verdes islands and it was on the final day that they captured the sea monster.

They are pictured on an Instagram pic in the shadows of the huge 97 stone Blue Marlin which was 12 feet long.

The Cape Verdes islands are a hot bed for Blue Marlin with many fishermen heading to the archipelago, located off the coast of Senegal and Mauritania, each year.

But the three from South Africa never imagined that they would be celebrating the capture of such a huge fish.

The fish is the second biggest Blue Marlin to be caught in the Atlantic


It was 50-year-old Ben Vorster who was the angler on the reel when the Blue Marlin took hold after the captain of the boat Ryan “Roo” Williamson had “teased” the big Blue Marlin up from the depths with what look like small fish for them to feed on.

Ben wrestled with the massive fish on the reel and it took him about 30 minutes to bring the Blue Martin onto the boat.

It was only after the Blue Martin was on the deck that the trio was able to see the full size of it and the boat slowly headed back to the marina under the weight of fish.

“After hooking the fish, it never jumped, so they couldn’t confirm how big they believed it to be,” said Steve Andrews, a friend of the boat’s captain Roo Williamson, told

It took 30 minutes for the fishermen to bring the massive Blue Marlin onto the boat


“Ben is a strong, tough farmer, and a big game hunter. [He] did an incredible job fighting the fish and getting the marlin to the boat in only 30 minutes.”

He added: “It’s a dream come true for Ben Voster.

“He’s an avid marlin fisherman and boat owner, just like his brothers Gerhard and Michiel, who were alongside him during the catch.”

They then weighed their prize and found, incredibly, that it was the second biggest Blue Marlin to have been caught in the waters.

At 1,370-pounds with a girth of 66ins around, the Marlin was 32 pounds lighter than the IGFA All Tackle World Record holder which was the 1,402 pound specimen of fish caught in Brazil in 1992.

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