Fishermen open Media Vida in Burgos with an “irregular” look, throwing quail hard

Like every August 15th, fishermen in Burgos prepare to open media vida during the summer hunting season, where quails are the queen. They usually do it enthusiastically, although this year “the oven is not for baking”, one might say, amid poor sample forecasting and many central government regulations that “oppress” this fishing activity. .

“It’s a very unusual year,” admits Santiago Iturmendi, president of the fishing association of Castilla y León, who laments that “if we had to choose what would happen so that the year wasn’t good, we wouldn’t have passed any more.” The reason is that heat waves, “major” rural droughts, poor harvests and fires are not helping to address the issue.

The quail itself is an irregular type. It always looks for moist areas with vegetation to protect itself from predators, so it moves north. And this year it passed through Spain, because even the northern region does not provide it with the habitat it needs, and for this reason it has moved to Central Europe.

“The arrival of the quails in the spring was good, but they migrated to the colder regions of Europe,” explains Eturmandi. They did not even live in France or Britain, which was also affected by drought. At the beginning of summer you could hear a lot of quails singing on the Cantabrian coast, but not now, so hunting for quails will be more of a lottery this year than ever.

“There may be areas where fishermen can enjoy a good perch, we will hit the rocks, and the cold has already fallen on us,” admits Iturmandi, who is hopeful in Burgos. Average fishermen are faced with enthusiasm, and even more frustrated by the lack of quail due to “the attitude of the Spanish government and the systematic persecution of hunting activity.”

The idea of ​​declaring quail an endangered species is not shared by the Hunting Association of Castilla y León, which points to an expert investigation. In them, prey is separated by demographics. In addition, although some organizations indicate 250,000 quails in Spain, 1.2 million are hunted annually, which is not included in the data.

Santiago Iturmendi asserts that, behind such restrictive regulations as animal welfare legislation, economic interests always lie. There will be people who will benefit from a ban on kenneling, for example, or management. He stressed that the union has always taken the fight against animal abuse a science, even before it became “trendy.”

Responsible and sustainable fishing

and the practice of sustainable and responsible fishing. Among the recommendations, like any other this year, is to limit hunting days if there are no out-of-season species in protected areas. And of course, stay away from the area where the pheasant chicks are, as there may be late babies with chicks as young as 15 or 20 days old, which should be allowed to grow to the year.

Quails are the queen of mid-season but you can also hunt magpies, crows, rabbits and foxes (from August 15 to the third Sunday of September). Similarly, the ban will be opened on August 25 for the common turtle dove, rock pigeon, and wood pigeon, with a significant increase in population, especially in cities, causing great damage.

“The forest pigeon is having a glorious moment. It also harms the cultural heritage in urban centers and agriculture in rural areas”, explains Itormendi, so numbers should be reduced. “It is kind with clear details” and may bring joy to the fishermen this year. Anyway, on August 15, they went to the field “to enjoy the opening day “.

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