Fishermen’s management areas available to fishermen | in the fresh air

Sheridan – The Sheridan region, which covers most of northeastern Wyoming, consists of about 85% of private land. Many of these private lands are leased to processing companies or the land owners have longtime hunters who return year after year to find their property. Obtaining permission to access private hunting grounds can be challenging, especially as hunting season approaches.

The Regional Game and Fish Bureau, game rangers, and wildlife biologists do not maintain a list of landowners that allow hunting access. The department does not provide contact information for any landowner except for those who choose to use the Landowner/Hunter Assistance Program to meet their specific harvesting needs. To access the names and contact information for landowners in this program, visit and click the green Public Access button at the top of the page. Landowner requests/names on the page can change regularly throughout the hunting season, so check the webpage often.

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