fishing. Here’s the Big Bend fishing report this weekend

Spring in Florida is similar to midsummer in many states north of the Mason/Dixon line. Bad thing in any of those states, not much, if any, saltwater fishing is found.

North Florida has more to offer those interested in the outdoors than saltwater fishing. We also have freshwater fishing. Seriously, there is a lot to offer.

If camping is your thing, you’re in luck! Many campgrounds can be found by the water up and down the coast and along lakes such as Talquin and Seminole. Ironically, both flow into the bay, although you might struggle to get all that way past the dam at the western end of Talquin.

The lakes in North Florida provide world-class fishing. Two largemouth and striped bass numbers can be found, along with a 3-pound crappie and a 12-inch blue crappie.

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