Fishing in Limousin (1/8): discover street fishing in the center of Limoges

Put away the picture of the white-haired hunter: hat, sneakers, smartphone, welcome to the world “Street Hunting” (City Hunting) With the youth of Limoges.

On this stormy day, Gabriel (17), Jean (14), Eloy (15) and Louis (14) arranged to meet me at Pont Saint-Etienne at the foot of the historic center of Limoges. These kilometers from the banks of the Vienna River, including the “No Murder” track (Read below), it’s their favorite stadium, (almost) like Fortnite!

Despite their young age, they are all very experienced at the water’s edge: “Fisher since the age of six,” Jean smiles; Gabriel “had a Youtube channel even if it’s not up to date”; Eloy like Lewis and their companions “attended almost all the courses of Julian, of the Hunting Union, to learn”. Julian Barrett, who is in charge of development at the Hot Vienne Union, is still filling it in a bit but “You’ll see, it’s good and you’ll learn from it!”, he promised.

“We love Vienna”

In fact. We hadn’t finished crossing the bridge when Jane was already yelling “Fish!”. From the medieval business, footing on an oyster shell in the path of this pilgrim, the boy threw a small piece. In sight: “I threw my temptation right in front of him and saw him pounce on her!” The main thing remains, to fight against the fish to get them out of the water. Julian advises: “Don’t go too hard, you risk hurting him.” Two minutes later, Gabriel came as reinforcements, and advanced to Vienna with the landing net. Put in more effort, encouraged by all his friends, and Jane can claim victory and “My Chop Record!” Gently, he holds what he picked up for the traditional portrait, then releases it. It’s clear to his youth.

Catch the Chub in the video:

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“We love Vienne and Auzette, watching the fish. Take them and admire them up close and let them grow! The group of friends tirelessly ignored the showers to survey the banks of Viennese.” “There, I think, a bench of columns I think,” locates Éloi. Lewis slips among the trees. …and actually comes out with a common pole on his first throw.

A very common perch that was seized and then released by Louis

The activity of birds, changes in the current aquatic vegetation … The gaze of these little fishermen scans the river. With precision and affection. Regardless of the fishing technique, here is the lesson to follow: caring for the river to understand it and adapting to preserve its riches. Have fun between friends as a reward. Thank you guys!

Bonus: Street hunters talk about their hunting style

Small dances “creatures”Thin as a hair chief: Young street fishermen in Limoges, Fishlight. even light. “It’s technical, you have to choose the right lure, place it precisely and then move it,” summarizes Gabriel. With the explosion of street fishing fashion, today there are a large number of baits. Everyone has their favourite, like Lewis, a fan of soft seduction, “which allows you to cling much less to obstacles.” To try, seek advice from a hunting store.

Ponticoids Initiative

Christian Rigaud, President of Ponticawds, before the commencement of the Honors Course (No Killing)

“We felt a request from some of the Hunters and from the Federation of Provinces and we also wanted to Maintaining and developing relationships with youth ‘,” traces Christian Rigaud, president of the Ponticauds.
This is AAPPMA (Accredited Association for Fishing and Aquatic Environment Protection) from Limoges just opened“Amnesty blessing” in the city

in Vienna.

“We adopted the project with our members and worked on a file with the union to present it to the governor, because he is the one who has the authority to create a zone ‘no killing’ or ‘allowed’ in French, explains the enthusiast. The chief of the Ponticauds. The opening has been postponed due to confinement, but since May 11, the establishment of The road in Limoges, between the two historic bridges. »

From Saint Marcial Bridge concretely,Between Pont Saint-Etienne upstream and Pont Saint-Marshall downstream, 2 km of banks in total Hunters must comply with the following:Immediate release of caught perch, pike, zander and brown trout

. If all fishing techniques are authorized (four rods maximum and indicate applicable regulations and species opening dates), it is necessary to use barbed hooks (a hook tail intended to hold the fish) or an appropriate hook. Barb powder. This new initiative of Ponticawds, known after fishing as the famous “Festival of Bridges”, highlights this wonderful stadium that is Vienne, with its rich biodiversity. In addition to the three predators and salmonids mentioned above, there are also a number of themChubb, barbel, gloomy, laughter, cockroach

, Rhodes and Carp. They are observed from banks or bridges even without a fishing rod.

There are three AAPPMAs in Limoges: Les Ponticauds, La Truite-Montmailler and Beaublanc. All their contact details are on the website of the Fishing Federation of Haute-Vienne:

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