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Dovetail Games creates video games that are loved by hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts around the world. These games take the form of simulation experiences that faithfully recreate real-life situations. They put the players at the center of the action. fishing sim world It is the ultimate fishing experience.

A world of fishing sim for amateur fishermen already…

Those who want to learn about these pleasures will have an even greater difficulty. There is no interaction that provides assistance to the player during his sessions. There is a tutorial and information, but everything is negative. Nobody explains to you, for example, that your hunting site was chosen poorly and why.


With seven places to visit, the range of activities is relatively wide for freshwater fishing. There is no river fishing, but it is enough to go on a boat trip in certain places. England, France, Germany, USA, and many countries offering diverse landscapes to launch lines.

Of course the species caught will also be different and depends on whether you are aiming for fry, big carp, sea bass, pike (18 species in total). It will take both Go to the right places and use the right equipment. A fishing chest always has three rod configurations and though tutorials to understand the basics of the game, It will take a little knowledge to be good. Rails, lines, size of hooks, types of baits, lures, depth. There is a lot to know, and the real brands of fishing gear can be found at Fishing Sim World.



Graphically beautiful fishing. Visually pleasing in hunting grounds. But, and there is always a “but”: when you are fishing, you notice beautiful bodies of water. Plants very close. Unfortunately, on the far background, which is graphically poor in detail and sees rather large pixels. It’s a shame, given that we spend time in fixed places. I got tired of landscaping very quickly. Very little dynamism. We can see the fish bubbles or even if they are close, see them passing through the clear and transparent water. The fish is very good.

Hunting sim world with many game modes:

Fashions only: You are either allowed to fish while you are free to choose the country and location in the country. This mode allows you to train and get acquainted with the equipment, the type of fishing (at the water’s edge, on a boat).

Tournament mode: This is no longer a joke. You are against other AI Hunters. Each tournament is limited in time. There are 4 categories. Each event won allows you to move on to the next event.



As the game progresses, your experience increases, allowing you to unlock other possibilities and reach other levels. TP in local currency allows you to pamper yourself in the store. Fishing Sim World owns all major fishing licenses. The main European and American brands in this segment are present in the group. One can choose from hundreds of rods, reels and baits from leading brands such as Bass Cat Boats, Bill Lewis, Duckett, Korda and many more, offering thousands of equipment combinations to meet the many challenges of the game.


Multiplayer mode:

Line up your streak with your friends in a multiplayer game of up to four players, and compare what has been caught in real time on the scoreboard. And that’s not all: it will be possible to face opponents from all over the world in live tournaments until you are crowned champion in Fishing Sim World.


Ride at full speed in your boat on beautiful bodies of water in search of the perfect fishing spot. Whether you’re a beginner picking up your first rod or a veteran wanting to test its performance. Hunting sim world has it all. Use the GPS and sonar on your boat to locate the fish before choosing the correct tactic to successfully capture them. Here’s a good bit of quiet fishing looming. Don’t worry it will bite (yes it’s still a video game so there are fish). Schematically, it lacks dynamism and life in the background view. But the weather changes and so does the time of day. To your lines and good fishing to all.

Tested on Xbox One X.

Fishing Sim World (Xbox One | Series X/S)

Fish Sim World Xbox One

fishing sim world


fishing sim world

Positive points

  • pleasing graphs
  • fish behavior
  • Choose branded materials
  • sound bar
  • Grand Prix


  • passive tutorial
  • non dynamic landscape wallpaper

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