Fishing sounded like fun, until we got there

It seemed like a great idea at the time… much like 90% of my ideas that slide into the absurd half way into their execution.

“I haven’t been fishing in years,” said Jerry. “I love to fish but there isn’t anyone around here who likes it.”

“Hey, we can go! Can’t you charter boats on the Great Lakes?”

Jerry looked at me as if I had once again grown a second head topped by a bazooka covered with pink feathers and a winking eye.

“Hmmmm … well…,” he mumbled.

“Of course we can! I’ll find one, get it reserved for next week.”

Isn’t the internet the most marvelous thing? I went home, got online and quickly found what I wanted: “Boats by Boris.” The location was on Lake Huron. I emailed Boris and pretty soon received a reply. It was the end of the season, and he had planned to stop his charters that week but he could, for a price, do one for me.

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