Fishing Weekly Report: May 11, 2022

Written by George Morse
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Los Alamos Daily Post

Wildfires continue to burn in New Mexico with no respite in sight. The weather continues to be hot and windy with low moisture. Fires threaten lives and property. This has resulted in the closure of many popular fishing destinations.

The fires closed two state parks in northeastern New Mexico. Murphy Lake State Park and the Wolf Creek State Park is now closed until further notice due to the Hermit Peak/Calf Creek Fire.

Bandelier National Monument is closed. The Valles Caldera National Reserve is closed. Closure Because of the Cerro Pelado fire.

Access to Fenton Lake State Park from Los Alamos on Interstate 4 West is closed. Getting to Fenton Lake Anglers It should travel south on Highway 25 to Bernalillo. Take the North Exit Highway 550 at Bernalillo, then turn north on Highway 4 in San Ysidro. Turn left onto State Road 126 to Fenton Lake. Check the website: for other road closures.

The Santa Fe National Forest has begun phase two of its fire restrictions. Open flames are not permitted. Pecos / Vegas have closed Vegas Ranger District. This includes Pecos Canyon State Park, Monastery Lake, Cowles Ponds, and Mora Fork of the Pecos The Loco Creek River and the Galinas River.

Lake Cochiti has been closed off as it is being used as a water source to fight the Cerro Pelado fire.

If severe fire danger persists, national forests may be closed to all activities. This has happened in the past. Spring runoff is going strong. It’s a little early this year. Some streams are running above normal for this time of year. Fishing in high water can be challenging. Try fishing the edges of heavy streams.

Eagle Nest Lake in Eagle Nest State Park is now open for fishing and boating. The docks will be installed on April 30th. It was 10,815 rainbow trout were stocked on May 3. Stocked on April 19 with 82,237 fingerlings of salmon kokanee.

The kokanee caught a new state record at the Eagle Nest last year. Fishing must be good for rainbow trout and yellow perch The northern pike. For more information and current conditions, call (575). 377.1594.

Lake Maloya in Sugarite Canyon State Park near Raton is now open for fishing. Alice Lake, also in Sugargate State Park, is open for hunting. 2,998 rainbow trout were stored in Lake Malluya on April 25. Alice Lake was full of 497 rainbows trout. Call (575).445.5607 for current conditions.

Clayton Lake State Park opened March 1 for fishing. They are stocked with rainbow trout and have a large walleye. the state-The light gray log was captured here. This is a memorial Bass Lake. Daily limit is two largemouth bass with 14 inches and Longer size limit. Stocked on May 2, stocked 3,605 plush-sized rainbow trout and averaged 276 rainbow trout. 15.4 inches in size. Call (575) 374.8808 for current conditions.

Fenton Lake State Park in the Jemez Mountains is open. Stocked May 4th with 2,199 small rainbow trout. He. She Stocked May 5 with 200 rainbow trout averaging 18.3 inches in size. Stocked on April 27 with 300 Rio Grande cars trout. Only trout may be kept as part of five fish per day. Camping is allowed by Reservation only. Call (575) 829.3630 for current conditions in Fenton.

Heron Lake State Park has open waters for fishing on the banks. Know that the banks are very muddy. boat ramps closed. The lake level is still low. Stocked on April 20th with 147,290 fingers of salmon kokanee. Call (575) 588.7470 for conditions in Lake Heron and Lake El Vado.

Lake El Vado has rainbow trout, brown trout, perch, and smallmouth bass. The boats are closed. The water level is low.

There is open water for fishing on the bank. Banks are very muddy.

Lake Santa Cruz near Chimayo has open water and the fishing was good. Stored on May 2, size 3208 Rainbow trout with 300 rainbow trout average 18.3 inches in size. The lake is open Thursday through Sunday from 6:30 a.m. AM to 8 PM For updated terms, check the Bureau of Land Management website Or call (505).351.1438.

The Rio Cipola, which flows in and out of Lake Fenton, was stocked on April 15 with 399 rainbow trout.

The Rio San Antonio stocked near La Cueva on May 4th with 453 rainbow trout.

Seven Springs Brood Pond, also known as Kid’s Pond, is open. Stocked May 5 with 100 rainbow trout They average 18.3 inches in size.. There are a few large wild brown trout here. Stocked on April 26 with 300 Rio Grande cars trout. Hunting is for anglers 11 years of age or younger. This pond is located north of Lake Fenton.

Trout fishing was good in the Jimmys River. The flow rate is now 48.4 cubic feet per second. That’s a lot Less than last week. The fish are concentrated in deep pools. 625 rainbow trout were stocked on April 15th.

Tributaries of the Jimez River may be difficult to reach due to the Cerro Pelado fire.

Lake Abiquiu is open, including boat ramp and picnic areas. Camping is closed. run by corps Engineers. Reservations can be made later in the year at The water level is low in Abiquiu, but It must go up. A four-wheel drive vehicle is recommended for boat launch. Hunting was slow for walleye and smallmouth bass. It can catch trout fishing. There is some good sized trout in Abiquiu. Stocked on April 26 With 516849 walleye fry. Call 505.685.4371 for more information.

Flows rose throughout the entire course of the Shama River due to spring runoff.

The Chama River flows down the Abiquiu Dam at a rate of 750 cubic feet per second. The water here is high and murky. It was Stocked May 2 with 1040 rainbow trout. Fishing is likely to be slow for stocked and urinated rainbow trout. there Few of the great wild brown trout here. The limit here is two fish per day.

The Chama River flows down the Fado Dam at a rate of 1,540 cubic feet per second. Hunting was fair to stocking Rainbow trout and wild brown trout. You can hook up a trout here. Stocked May 2 with 578 rainbow trout.

The state-registered brown trout was caught here.

Over Lake El Vado, the Chama River is now ice-free and spring runoff has begun. The squirting at La Puente was 893 cubic feet per second. This is higher than last week. Stocked May 3 with 1031 rainbow trout.

The flow in Rio Brazos was 346 cubic feet per second. Stocked May 3 with 555 rainbow trout.

Laguna del Campo, a small lake near Los Ojos, is now open. Stocked May 2 with 462 catchable size rainbow trout and 90 rainbow trout averaging 18.3 inches in size. Fishing is here for anglers 11 years old and younger or 65 years old Older adults, the maximum is three trout per day.

Lake Hopewell, located between Tierra Amarilla and Tres Piedras, is rapidly losing ice. The gate is locked. Hunters may stop and Hike to the lake. Ice fishing has been beneficial for rainbow trout and wild rookery trout. Open water fishing areas It must be good. Hopewell is usually ice-free by mid-May and the gates open for Memorial Day.

Río de los Pinos stocked near the New Mexico/Colorado border on May 4th with 1799 rainbow trout. the flow It is likely to be heavy. This time of year, you may catch larger-than-average trout in Los Pinos.

The Cimarron River in Cimarron Canyon State Park is open. The flow down the Eagle’s Nest Dam was 10.3 cubic feet perSecond, higher than last week. Stocked April 26, 2424 rainbow trout. The flow was near Cimarron 26.2 cubic feet per second.

Lakes Cimarron Gravel Pit at Maverick Campground stocked May 6 with 248 catchable-sized rainbow trout and With 250 rainbow trout averaging 17 inches in size.

Charette Lakes between Wagon Mound and Springer has good fishing for good sized rainbow trout.

The Lower Sharett Lake was stocked on April 19 with 2,249 rainbow trout.

Tingley Beach in Albuquerque is no longer full of rainbow trout. It is now stored with the channel catfish. Stocked May 5 with 480 catfish averaging 18 inches in size.

In the Four Corners area, Navajo Lake State Park opens open. Camping by reservation only. Minnow bait trolling Like Rapalas it can produce brown trout. Northern pike hunting was fair. Stocked on May 3 with 20256 Rollable rainbow trout. A total of 219,027 kokanee kokanee fingerlings were stored on April 20. boats Conditions are good. Call (505) 632.2278 for terms.

The best river in the state and known worldwide is the San Juan River below the Navajo Dam. The The flow here is 293 cubic feet per second. That’s slightly lower than last week and less than 25 percent of normal.

San Juan offers world-class fishing for big trout.

Fishing was good with a variety of flies patterns in the four miles of water quality below the dam. fishing This is a catch and release with flies and bait that has a single non-sticky hook. There is a large wild brown trout in water quality. Some of these fish would likely break a state record if they could be kept and weighed.

Fishing at Bait Water in San Juan was under water quality fair to good with flies, bait and bait. a The normal daily limit of five trout can be kept here. There are some great brown trout here too. Stocked on May 3 with 2268 rainbow trout.

Tiger Park Pond and Aztec Pond #1 are being stocked at Aztec. Tiger Park Pond stocked on May 3 with 864 ketchupRainbow trout with 150 rainbow trouts average 18.3 inches in size. Aztec Pond stocked 4th April at 114 Rainbow trout is easy to carry with 35 rainbow trout averaging 17.4 inches in size.

Lake Farmington is stocked again. On April 25, 1494 rainbow trout were stocked. This lake is run by City of Farmington.

Bluewater Lake State Park is open. Camping is permitted by reservation only. The lake water level is low. musk tiger is Being caught and poached is fair with large crank baits and water dogs. The maximum allowed on Tiger Muskies is one eachA day at least 40 inches in length. The boats are closed. Call (505) 876.2391 for current conditions.

The Rio Grande Stream has a flow of 858 cubic feet per second at the Taos Junction Bridge. This is higher than last week. The The catch was fair for rainbow and brown salmon. The Rio Grande is stored in Pilar on April 14th with 3,067 rainbows trout. The Rio Grande above the Pilar in the gorge had 251 rainbow trout.

From the Colorado State Line downstream to the Taos Junction Bridge, the limit is two trout per day in the Rio Grande.

The Rio Pueblo near Peñasco is now snow-free. The current flow was 52.5 cubic feet per second. This is lower than the past week. Hunting can be beneficial for wild brown trout. Stocked on April 27 with 1197 rainbow trout.

The Red River near Red River Fish Hatchery is flowing at 96.2 cubic feet per second. This is higher than last week.

Fishing is usually good here for rainbow trout and some wild brown trout. Stocked May 3 With 699 rainbow trout.

Red River Hatchery Pond is now open. Stocked May 3 with 398 catchable size rainbow trout and 80 Rainbow trout have an average size of 15.8 inches. Fishing is for anglers 11 or younger and 65 or older.

The maximum is three fish per day.

Eagle Rock Lake near Cuesta is open. This small lake is located just off the highway between Questa and the Red River. This was in the past Stocked May 5th with 398 catchable size rainbow trout and 55 rainbow trout averaging 16.4 inches in size.

Lake Cabresto near Questa is a small high-altitude lake. It has wild trout and trout. The road to The lake is rough. You will need a good SUV. The ice is deteriorating. Should be ice-free by mid-May if Not urgent.

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