Fishing Without License, Night Hunting, Deer Woes :

Fishing Without License, Night Hunting, Deer Woes :

The Florida FWC Division of Law Enforcement reported the following activity:


Officer Specialist Ramos was on patrol and observed a subject actively casting a rod and reel at a local boat ramp attempting to catch fish. When the officer contacted the subject and asked to see his fishing license, the subject admitted he didn’t have one. Officer Ramos researched the person’s prior history and discovered that the subject was also issued a citation in the summer of 2021 for failing to have a fishing license. Furthermore, the man was inligible to purchase a license since 2019 because of his failure to fulfill financial obligations awarded by the court system. The subject was issued a notice to appear for fishing while his license was suspended due to financial

While on patrol, Officer Specialist Ramos observed a suspect harvesting blue crab from traps after midnight in an unregistered homemade motorized vessel that did not display any navigational lights. It is a violation of law for any person to pull blue crab traps one hour after sunset until one hour before sunrise. After maintaining surveillance on the suspect, Officer Ramos conducted a resource inspection. The suspect had previously been charged with violating various Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission resource regulations. The suspect was unable to prove he was the owner of the crab traps and was in possession of blue crab and several species of fish. Each of the crab traps failed to meet four separate trap specifications according to law. Officer Ramos documented 10 violations related to vessel and blue crab trap requirements. The suspect was issued a notice to appear in court as well as two non-criminal citations and seven warnings for the violations.


Officers Oliver and Mullins were patrolling in Blackwater Wildlife Management Area (WMA) when they encountered two subjects hunting in the forest. They conducted a hunting and resource inspection on the two subjects and further inspection led them to finding one subject without proper licenses and two deer that were previously killed and not logged or reported. Through the course of an investigation, it was discovered that one of the deer was a small buck not meeting the antler requirement for legal size. The subjects were issued the appropriate citations, the illegal deer head was seized and destroyed.

Officer Mullins was working illegal night hunting activity and observed subjects in a truck shine lights in a clear showing an apparent search for deer. The officer continued to watch the vehicle and observed them shine another area for deer. Officer Mullins contacted four occupants in the truck, who each said they did not have a gun with them. While searching the vehicle a rifle was found in the back seat hidden under a jacket by the passenger’s feet. Further inspection revealed a large magazine and 22 rounds of ammunition thrown under the seat. Officer Bower arrived and assisted with the investigation. Each subject was issued a notice to appear for night hunting. the rifle,
Two large flashlights, and twenty-two rounds of ammunition were seized as evidence.

Officers Oliver and Mullins were on patrol checking hunters at a game checkpoint in Blackwater Wildlife Management Area (WMA). They contacted a hunter that had fresh blood on him and was extremely winded. Upon speaking with the hunter, they found that the subject had shot a deer. Officers Oliver and Mullins conducted a hunting and resource inspection and located a short horn buck in the rear of his SUV. The subject stated that it was his first deer he had killed and that he had only been hunting a handful of times. The subject was mistaken on the requirements for antler size, despite knowing the buck was close to legal size. The subject was issued a notice to appear citation for the short horn buck deer. file photo.

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