Florida company invents touchless cane toad trap

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The patent pending Cane Catcher was developed by a Naples pest control company. COURTESY PHOTO

A new product for catching cane toads is on the market and offsets the need for night hunts, the traditional way of catching toads.

Cane Catcher, the world’s only touchless cane toad trap, is a professional grade trapping system made simple and touchless.

Cane toads can kill pets or other wildlife within minutes if they come into contact with the toads’ poisonous secretions.

Developed by a Naples pest control company in search of a solution for their customers, Cane Catcher evolved from a prototype, perfected in the field, resulting in a reduction of toads in some communities as much as 90%. “Once we saw how well it worked for our customers, we knew we had to mass produce it to offer it to the general public,” said Jamie Nunez, owner/inventor.

The Cane Catcher has noticeable differences from conventional traps, with its sleek design, ease of use, chemical free, simple and humane nontarget animal release and touchless disposal features. Unlike typical traps made of wire, Cane Catcher’s smooth surfaces prevent injury to animals and allow for humane trapping, disposal or release.

Naples resident Mary S. wrote the following on Cane Catcher’s Facebook page: “This Cane Catcher works!!! I have caught at least 6 and my neighbor has caught 18 or so.”

Once caught and bagged, cane toads should be euthanized. Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission provides suggested humane methods on its website at www.myfwc.com.

It is easy enough for anyone to use but monitoring and disposal service is available by Cane Catcher Certified Professional vendors that can be found on the company’s website. Made in the USA, the product is available on Amazon.

For more information on Cane Catcher Inc., visit www.canecatcher.com or call 239-351-5455. www.youtube.com/ shorts/kmS65m1kqak ¦

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