Fly catcher landing world record blue catfish

A Texas flycatcher prevailed last week in a marathon battle with a potential world blue catfish.

Ben Christensen hung a 31.55-pound catfish while throwing a 12-pound olive-haired fly-fish with a 4-pound rod into the Pedernales River.

“I looked at the fish and watched it take the fly, then fought back for 40 minutes,” Christensen, of Pearl Snap Fly Fishing, told Texas Parks and Wildlife.

The agency’s San Marcos/Austin Inland Fisheries Authority weighed and measured the catfish and declared the catch to be a new record for the watershed.

However, Christensen could also become the world record holder.

According to International Game Fish Assn. , the record 12-pound tippet for a blue catfish is 26 pounds, 4 ounces. This fish was caught in the Escambia River, Florida, in 2018.

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On Wednesday, Christensen told FTW Outdoors that he plans to submit hunting details to the IGFA for consideration as standard.

He said he kept the catfish because he thought it would perish after the hard battle.

“She was old, blind in one eye, and her stomach was empty when we chopped him up,” Christensen said. “I peeled off thin slices of the fish and composted his body in the middle of a plot where I hope to plant a grapevine vineyard.”

About the lively fight, Christensen stated on Instagram, “She was like Donkey Kong! He took me to support, and I fought with him for 40 minutes like we were outside or something.”

Christensen said he’s writing a book called “Fly Fishing San Antonio and the Texas Hill Country.”

– Images courtesy of Ben Christensen

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