France, El Dorado for mobile homes

“I was born in this caravan / But we’re leaving, come on”. Nearly fifteen years after his success, singer Raphael has been emulated. The mobile home market is popular and tricolor leader Trigano on May 9 reported a quarterly sales volume that rose 9.2%.

50% more recordings

In France, the number of registrations shows the trend: more than 30,000 last year, it increased by 22% over the previous year according to data from the federation, Uni VDL. And if the effect of catching up after the 2020 recession appears due to the disruption of deliveries due to the health crisis, the sector did not wait for the virus to do well: for five years, sales increased by more than 50%.

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A new and comfortable mobile home is not well accessible. On the website of one of Trigano’s subsidiary, the so-called “wrapped” trailer, that is, the living compartment of which is mounted on the chassis of the SUV, has a price of 60,000 euros for the basic level. However, growth in recent years has been fueled by truck sales, i.e. directly converted facilities. It is enough to lower the bill a little: at the aforementioned site, the entry level drops to 50,000 euros.

“In new building sales, our clients tend to be top-tier cloud service providers, close to retirement age, and who may have been free of mortgages in their primary residence.”Gauthier Herve, a union representative, explains.

target population

This primary objective has not moved despite the good progress that has been made in recent years. Covid has managed to enhance the attractiveness of a product that allows independent living, away from crowds, without changing the customer profile.

“There are social and material prerequisites for this activity, Confirms Bertrand Riau, Professor in charge of the Chair of Tourism and Leisure at the Institute of Arts and Crafts (Cnam). Owning a mobile home is closely related to having free time – which is very unequal among the population – which favors retirees. Without denying the success of mobile homes, they are not the general tool for democratizing the holidays. »

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This does not prevent the less affluent residents from acquiring a motorhome via the vibrant flea market: 70% of sales are made this way. The increase in volumes in recent years is similar to that observed in new buildings. “In the used car segment, there are a variety of prices. This makes it possible to reach all residents, because all you need is a B permit”Gauthier Herve explains.

Soon 600,000 mobile homes in France

France must reach the threshold of 600,000 dwellings on four wheels during the year. This makes it the second country in this area after Germany, which has about 100,000 additional units, according to data collected by the European Caravan Association.

The sector’s growth will be affected this year, as it suffers from the same difficulties as the rest of the automotive sector: a lack of electronic components. Trigano expects a decrease in its production from 3,000 to 4,000 units in 2022. This should lead to further price increases as the group was pleased over the past quarter to have “It can offset the development of manufacturing costs by increasing prices”.

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