From 33 to 36 degrees this Sunday in Aquitaine, how do you stand up to the heat at the campgrounds?

It is impossible to stay in a tent or in a caravan with sweltering temperatures. The camp must adapt. Easier on the ocean from the inside….

Here’s my little trick“.

Véronique Grard, a regular at the Sablères camp in Vieux-Boucau in Landes, always has an exterminator on hand. “I put it in the fridge and all day I refresh myself“.

It’s his anti-sunburn tip as temperatures regularly exceed 30 degrees in July.

Then we don’t stay in the truck, we go outside, we look for shade, we don’t move much, we read a lot, we walk under the trees‘ explains this retiree from Toulouse who admits he’s better off camping by the ocean than in a city where the air is stifling.

Same speech by Roman, a young father who pitched his tent at the foot of the dunes with his daughter. “We adapt, we spin in the cold morning, we spend the afternoon by the water and in the evening we stay in the shade“.

It still provides a fan to plug in in case the nights get too hot. “There is a lot of adaptation but it is a pleasure to be there“trust.

Campers benefit from the sea air especially a few hundred meters from the Atlantic Ocean. “We have more air here than those camping indoors even if between 2pm and 8pm. It’s still quite stuffy.‘ says Yannick, a teacher from Haute-Savoie.

But it is still possible. We drink a lot, we stay in the shade, we give up cycling in the middle of the sun, we put in no effort. We’re fine, we don’t have to activate“.

Camp managers make sure prevention messages are broadcast regularly when temperatures turn crimson red.

We go see campers, remind them they need to stay hydrated, ask them to put out the candles if they have any, and stay in the shade. And then, three years ago, we installed the fog devices. It really allows you to cool down, lowering the temperature by 3.4 degreesJean-Yves Dupin, Artistic Director of Les Sableres, explains.

After 42 degrees on Monday, July 18, the thermometer shows an average of 35 this Sunday in Aquitaine, with a peak of 36 degrees in Agen. “The record was broken for a streak of 15 consecutive days at over 30 degreesSays forecasting engineer Gaëtan Heymes.

Next week Météo France expects some relief in the southwest. Should not exceed 30 degrees and announce thunderstorms for Thursday.

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