Glasgow residents left hunting for their cars after Batgirl movie crews move them without notice

Glasgow residents left hunting for their cars after Batgirl movie crews move them without notice

Glasgow city center residents were left hunting for their cars after Batgirl productions staff uplifted them without any notice.

The movie crews removed the vehicles on Tuesday to make way for filming, leaving the Merchant City owners scrambling the streets hunting for their cars.

As well as failing to tell the residents the cars would be moving, those responsible then didn’t notify them where they had been moved to.

One motorist found theirs dumped several streets away in a no-loading zone with a Glasgow City Council parking ticket.

Stephen Sean Keeley told Glasgow Live that there was ‘no signage’ on the street to let residents know what was happening.

He said: “The Batgirl crews moved everyone’s cars on Ingram Street for filming without notifying them, then dumped them streets away.

“I eventually found my car on Wilson Street after wandering the streets looking for it. It was left on double yellows outside Citation and had been ticketed by the council.

“I have a residents parking permit from the council and was parked legally in a bay with no signage of filming put up when I parked there. I wasn’t parked incorrectly in the first place.

Batgirl filming has been taking place on Ingram Street for a number of days with locals reporting that their windows have been left shaking due to the magnitude of stunts.

Both Glassford Street and Ingram Street were shut off to traffic for the huge stunt sequence.

Cameras will also soon be rolling in the area around George Square, with a Christmas market and a huge fake tunnel entrance being constructed by crews ahead of scenes.

While filming locations have been posted on the council website, locals have said that they have received little or no communication from crews about how they will be affected.

Stephen added: “We’ve had nothing at all from either council or production company. And there is no signage on the street when parking, and certainly no communication that my vehicle was being moved or where it was left.

“I’ve appealed the parking ticket but whether or not it’ll be granted I have no idea.”

Glasgow City Council said those ticketed due to their car being moved will have to follow the appeals process.

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