Glen Helen Regional Park is a bit of 1980s pop culture history

John R. Beyer

In the early Fall of 1982, the Great Woz decided to build a venue for all to enjoy. He wanted to celebrate the 1980s as a generation more interested in being more selfless than selfish. He meant those who were tired of the 1970s, which he described as the Me generation.

“I want the world to know we are the generation of technology and rock music,” the Great Woz may have stated to someone.

And thus, the construction of a huge open-air amphitheater was begun at the Glen Helen Regional Park in San Bernardino County.

Steve Wozniak — the Great Woz — was the co-founder of Apple and mastermind behind the Apple I and Apple II computers, had an awesome imagination.

He wanted to build a together moment for the masses. So, he got with Bill Graham, the famous rock promoter of the time, and together created the Us Festivals — Us being all of us.

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