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Thorpe Spring – Blemmy! Enjoy a charming new UK series “Rob and Dave’s Big Texas Rodeo.” The two specials introduce brothers from Yorkshire, England who travel to Texas – including Granbury – to experience the “cowboy” lifestyle.

Brothers Rob and Dave Nicholson don their best cowboy “Rise Up” and travel through Texas for a private visit to North Texas cities that included Fort Worth, Decatur and Graham.

Filming took place in the Granbury area on February 6, at the new wedding venue, Riverview Ranch, owned by Ty and Yoli Harwell.

Terry Green of Granbury starred in a segment of the first episode, where Rob and Dave visit Green at the Riverview farm and learn about his Chakagon carriage.

“This wagon is an 1890 Winona wagon. The running gear, the axles, the wheels, and all that undercarriage is original, so it was actually made in the 1890s,” Green said. year, and they’re usually pulled with a team of at least two horses and mules.”

Green found the wagon six years ago in North Dakota. He said his camper van had longer, larger wheels than usual, making it easier for the camper to navigate over huge rocks and rough terrain, which made it even more desirable back in the day.

“They all came with lanterns and a coffee grinder—it’s the first Starbucks,” said Greene with a laugh. “It was a mobile kitchen. It had everything you needed to cook a meal. Anything you could make in your kitchen at home, a cook would have made here. You can bake, You can fry, you can boil. One of my interests is baking actually. I really enjoy baking bread, rolls, and cobblers, and you know, being able to bake something on firewood and some cast iron and it comes out almost perfect is kind of my sickness.”

Green initially became interested in chakwagons from his friend and local resident, Homer Robertson, who had been a chakwagon cook for about 30 years.

“He hooked me up with a mutual friend who took part in a cooking competition, and we went off and did some events together, and as they say, the rest was history,” Green said. “I fell in love with her.”

Green competes in about five chakwagon competitions annually. In 2021, he won the overall championship at the Llano River Chuckwagon Cook-Off, and in 2019, he won the national championship in Ruidoso, New Mexico.

“I enjoy the competition, the camaraderie, looking at all the different gigs as my knowledge of the Chuck Wagon has grown, learning about it and everything I’ve done,” he said. “I just appreciate going and seeing other people’s carts too, all the work they do on them. It requires a lot of upkeep and a lot of upkeep. You always look for new items for it in antiques stores. I can hardly pass a junk shop when I travel, so I always look forward to it.” To add, upgrade and make it even better.”

Green is a board member of the Chuckwagon Society of America, which led to him landing the role of “Rob and Dave’s Big Texas Rodeo.”

“It’s a passion,” Green said. “I mean, it has to be because you’re not doing this for the money. Even if you win the contests, it doesn’t cover your travel expenses, so we’re doing it because we enjoy the cowboy way.”

And that’s exactly what the Nicholson brothers were expecting to learn during their “trip of a lifetime” to Texas – the Cowboy Road.

“Texas is all about longhorns, ranching, the wilderness, and cowboy boots,” Dave said during episode one. “It’s not a question of whether we’re ready for Texas, it’s whether Texas is ready for us.”

During Green’s scene, he had the brothers make “cowboy stew” and bread pudding in a chakagon cart, showing that cowboys earned $1 a day, while chefs earned $2 a day.

“Here we are today, living the Texas dream,” Rob said.

The brothers have experienced everything the way a real Texan should, from riding horses and shooting guns to dancing at Billy Bob’s in Fort Worth.

“I haven’t been riding a lot,” Rob said, during the first episode. “And the way it feels in the hips, I wonder if 53 is too old to begin with.”

Rob and Dave also tried their hand at archery and auctioning, even vying to see who could survive a mechanical bull the longest. Dave won bragging rights for that person.

As for their true Texas meal, the brothers tried the largest steak in the state along with the Southern favorite, fried chicken steak.

“It’s the first time I’ve tried it (chicken fried steak) and I really enjoyed it. I was looking for the chicken inside, like, ‘Where’s the chicken?’ Rob said, with a chuckle. “

The brothers definitely saw a different culture coming to Texas, but what they didn’t expect was the warm welcome.

“The people are very friendly, very friendly, and they invited us to different places,” Dave said. “The people we just met, and that’s not something I expected.”

“What? Did you expect them to be hostile?” Rob asked with a laugh.

“You know, you can go to England and the people are not very friendly,” said Dave.

“We expected a warm welcome,” Rob continued. But what we received blew our minds. We’ve never met people like her. We’ve made friends that will last beyond this journey, and hopefully last for the rest of our lives. We fell in love with Texas.

“The cowboy dream has always fascinated us, but to come to Texas and discover that the people are incredibly friendly and friendly, and that the place is so beautiful, you know, is something we will take back with us and keep in our hearts forever.”

The two-part series premiered on April 19 and concluded on April 26 in the UK. As of now, the show is not available for viewing in the US.

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