Great sniper but too little

sNiper guns have always been a staple in FPS games, but VR has a mixed history. Maintaining a solid eye square — the point where the lenses line up with your eye in the real world, here’s a good explanation — without the three contact points of a real rifle can make it difficult to get decent shots. rebellion Elite Sniper VR It makes sniping simple but still retains the satisfaction that comes from aiming with your arms using your eyes.

She joins WW2 as an Italian partisan fighter who happens to be a gunshot. Each mission is a different part of the resistance movement against the German occupation of Italy, in which players help out with a variety of resistance missions: steal fuel, assassinate generals, and shoot a lot of men.

Elite sniper VR. Credit: Insurgency Developments

In-game scoped guns are your main tools when it comes to achieving all of these goals, with many missions that put you in a position of good watch that you really don’t need to leave. Here, you can become the crouching eagle-eyed assassin you were always meant to be. Exemplifying this shadowy fantasy of the observer are the scoped rifles – each handled well, with focus mode that zooms in optically to accommodate your full vision and changes your large hand movements to smaller, more mechanical ones. This allows you to make accurate shots and cancel out the natural shake that comes from not holding the gun tight to your shoulder. This is useful because in virtual reality you are just two eyes and two hands floating.

Many VR games have used sniper rifles in some form, but most of them come with some caveats that keep you from feeling like you’ve achieved any actual accuracy. onwards And Hot dogs, horseshoe and grenades Use bipods connected to the world around you to provide a stable anchor for the weapon to rest on. At the same time, Arizona Sunshine Just let the sniper rifle hang in the air with a blatant disregard for physics. Elite Sniper VR He doesn’t need any of that—and his insistence on getting you in control of the gun leads to some of the most satisfying spot shots I’ve seen in VR.

Elite sniper VR. Credit: Insurgency Developments

X-ray cameras kill off elite sniper He’s always been macabrely fascinated with showing off the guts and brains of enemies in disturbing detail… and when that transitions into virtual reality, it takes on a new, more like-like form. In flat screen games, you usually have a pretty good idea of ​​what your round will hit when your bullet shoots through the air and lodges itself in the eye socket of a foot soldier, for example.

In virtual reality, this is less common: X-ray kill cameras can be surprising, thinking it’s a powerful shot in the chest that sticks out someone’s shoulder instead. It’s less of a bloody celebration and more of a comment. The game never seems to have miscalculated a shot, but it might insist that you pull the trigger very sharply and turn the shot to the side with one touch.

But, Elite Sniper VRIt, like its flat-screen predecessors, isn’t just about sniping. And this is where VR has a problem. Shooting pistols and submachine guns (SMGs) do not work well. Firing with iron sights often results in projectiles landing higher than expected, and sometimes getting a firearm too close to the enemy can cause it not to fire at all. So at least there’s a focus mode – available for all weapons – which can make up for that to some extent. Focus mode draws a grid on what you’re aiming at so that it becomes tighter the longer you focus when using anything without scope. Oftentimes, this seems like the only way to fire a weapon with any reliable accuracy, and it beckons you to fall back into that sniper and your precious nest.

Elite sniper VR. Credit: Insurgency Developments

The game also features the option of stealth and avoid detection by concealing your shots or using the silent Welrod to remove enemies in certain areas. While this is a nice layer that adds some variety to the action, there have been a few times where an enemy saw me for a split second before I got them, prompting the entire map to start chasing me. Not very realistic, let’s be honest. Any genuine attempt to sneak feels frustrating and outdated, and often feels like a slow road before you get really loud and have fun.

The game controls have a good variety of options to make sure that people always play in the mode that is most comfortable for them. However, some options are missing. Smooth motion has head-only direction control (ergo: forward is always the direction you’re facing). The manual movement option would certainly be welcome, especially given the nature of the game. Grab items can be toggled between toggle or hold, but it’s a shame they can’t be changed depending on what type of item you want to interact with. It makes sense for weapons to stick to your hand, but with things like magazines or a rifle bolt, they quickly get irritated. Especially if you are caught in the middle of a gun battle.

The game also has several comfort options, such as shading and sudden turn, to ensure that whatever level of VR experience you have, you can enjoy the experience. This includes options like auto reload, and skip doing it manually, which can be embarrassing at times. The X-Ray cam can also be changed to eliminate sudden movement after a bullet has penetrated, or it can be completely disabled.

Elite sniper VR. Credit: Insurgency Developments

In the general scope of where VR games will be in 2021, what’s learned, and what’s thankfully been forgotten, Elite Sniper VR It puts a good foot forward but falls short in many areas compared to the ever-evolving competition. After worlds ruined it Half-life: Alex And BonworksAnd Elite Sniper VR he feels comfortable. The world around you is glued into place without any reaction to the player’s presence: the rounds striking around you are nothing more than sounds on geometry, your weapons intertwine the scene, and even interactable grenades are locked in place until you grab them. Throwing grenades manually is pointless, pressing the trigger gives you a clear trajectory arc for any attempt with slight accuracy.

Weapon handling is another place where Elite Sniper VR fall short of his contemporaries. Loading recreates a sense of mystery and confusion, waving a clip near your gun’s breach is all you need to load it, and mutiny after each shot can feel satisfying—it’s hard to avoid having to look at the gun to make sure things go right whenever you try to move.

Pulling a pistol in a sudden close-up firefight seems like a death sentence because it takes a lot of attention to perform such a simple pull. There is a vibration system to help you know when your hands are near an interaction point, but there is a bit of context. An empty holster vibrates as much as a full holster, and the vibration itself is so constant and violent that it makes getting your hands anywhere near your belt uncomfortable.

Elite sniper VR. Credit: Insurgency Developments

Elite Sniper VR It is a good sniper experience for VR systems but compared to other games available it is really unforgettable. The seeds of a great thing are there, and if the game gets a sequel to clean up jagged edges, elite sniper It could become one of the biggest VR franchises. But this is not so.

Elite Sniper VR Available for PSVR and PC. It can be found on the Oculus Store and Steam. Reviewed on PC.


Sniper Elite VR looks promising and includes some of the best sniping in VR. It could have easily settled for being a shooter but instead adds the movement and stealth you hope to see in the VR adaptation of Sniper Elite. However, it falls short when you don’t have a gun in your hands.


  • Fun and easy sniping
  • Variety of locations, weapons and objectives
  • Fully featured comfort options


  • Embarrassing reloads and belt interactions
  • unsatisfactory stealth
  • Lack of interaction with the world around you

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