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Monday 07 March 2022 03:54 PM GMT
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The qualification is aimed at those wanting to supervise camping. Photo: Bob Smith/grough

The organization behind schemes such as the Mountain Leader has introduced a new Camping Leader qualification.

Mountain Training said it is aimed at those who don’t need a walking leader’s award as a prerequisite to supervising camping.

The body said it will be ideal for those involved in activities such as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, the President’s Award and Ten Tors training.

The Camping Leader qualification was launched at the beginning of this month and entails an online training course followed by a one-day practical assessment.

Mountain Training, based at Capel Curig in North Wales, said the syllabus covers five topics: leadership and group management; planning and supervision; teaching and learning skills; camping equipment; camping food and cooking.

“This will enable those with lots of experience to refresh their knowledge and those new to supervising camping to take their time understanding and developing the required skills. It also means the practical assessment can be covered in one day which is likely to be readily accessible for volunteers and teachers.”

It said the Camping Leader includes more about developing a candidate’s teaching and leadership competency and does not include remote supervision.

John Cousins, chief executive of Mountain Training UK and Ireland, said, “We’re excited to be launching a truly accessible qualification that will support the delivery of camping activities for hundreds of thousands of young people and adults in the UK and Ireland.

“We have listened to feedback from across the sector and are confident this new Camping Leader qualification will provide an opportunity for more and more people to get involved in supervising camping.”

“The novel use of an optional online training course followed by a one-day practical assessment is an effort to provide potential Camping Leaders with a flexible route to qualification which is likely to appeal to those with lots of experience as well as those who are new to camping.

“Our approved providers are looking forward to welcoming people to the scheme this spring and beyond.”

The skills covered apply to groups using commercial campsites as well as wild camping. The organization said no previous Mountain Training qualifications are necessary, just some personal experience of camping (five camps) and supervising camping (two camps).

“People who already hold a mountain training walking leadership qualification can access the Camping Leader to qualify them to take groups camping in terrain within the scope of their walking qualification eg journey and camp as a Lowland Leader or a Hill and Moorland Leader,” it said .

“The scope of the qualification covers supervising camping in a variety of campsites, all with vehicular access, including land with no facilities and commercial campsites offering a range of facilities.”

Prospective Camping Leaders must be at least 17 years old and can register for the qualification through the Mountain Training candidate management system for a one-off fee of £20. The registration confirmation email includes a link to the online learning course which can be completed in candidates’ own time. They can then book an assessment with an approved provider at a time and location that suits them.

More details are on the Mountain Training website.

  • Bob Smith is the holder of two Mountain Training qualifcations
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