‘Hench’ and ‘crafty’ mouse turns escape artist after fleeing from plastic trap

A crafty mouse has managed to chew its way through a thick plastic trap and outsmart a homeowner.

Reddit users were left stunned after the homeowner uploaded an image of a battered rectangular trap in his property this week.

The person said the rodent had managed to escape while it was home alone as they went away on a trip.

They captioned the picture and said: “Well I caught the mouse in my kitchen… but it wanted out.”

The post received 507 upvotes as users flocked to comment with their theories which included the mouse having a mysterious helper.

One person wrote: “Only logical explanation really, the others heard it in distress and came to the rescue.”

Some people couldn’t believe it managed to escape

Another person said: “One f****g hench mouse to do that. Suspect, there might be more of them than just that one.”

While a third commented: “Looking at this, you might have a crafty pair of them. There’s surely no way it’s managed to chew through interior corn.”

Some people suspected that the homeowner didn’t trap a mouse.

Another person questioned: “[ Are ] you sure that’s not a rat? that would have [ taken ] a mouse a fair while to get through that?”

The homeowner said it escaped while they were away
The homeowner said it escaped while they were away

But the homeowner who uploaded the image said it was definitely a mouse that had a clear “exit strategy”.

“Yeah definitely a mouse, I could tell by the droppings,” he responded.

“I’ve been away for over a week so would have had plenty of time to work on his exit strategy haha.

“I’ve had a mouse before in the same spot and released it a couple of miles away. Such a cute little thing.”

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