“Here Goes Nothing” – Funny and a bit of a wild side

“Nothing happens here.”

  • Written by Steve Toltz
  • c. 2022, Melville House
  • $26.99, 384 pages

So, how’s the weather there? Is it raining, snowing, or continually shining? Are there animals where you are? Do you have homes or hobbies there? Come to think of it, are you awake or are you going to a separate but parallel plane when you die? In Steve Toltz’s new novel “Here Goes Nothing,” those answers may be more than TMI.

The first thing Angus Mooney knew when he woke up was that he was naked.

Naked, in the middle of nowhere, and there was a battle to catch the autorickshaw from… Where? Where was it and where should it be? At last one of the rickshaw drivers told him: He’s dead.

correct. Angus remembers then that he and his wife Gracie were tricked into looking after a man named Owen who had lied to them before moving into their home. When Angus learned of the lies, Owen confessed that he loved Gracie and that he killed Angus right then and there, leaving his body in the trash.

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