Here’s how to know your emotional baggage is getting in the way of your relationship

Many of us have something strong in our hearts that we usually carry around without even knowing it. An unstable emotional mess from a traumatic past relationship, not getting a proper closure, a bad breakup, or any kind of emotional ordeal in the past years can carry problems from one to the next. If you don’t deal with it, this emotional baggage can affect your actions and behavior in upcoming relationships. The magnitude of this turmoil and concern for exactly how you tolerate it are two ways that can help you get rid of it while saving your current or future relationships from any kind of distress. But how do you make sure of this? Here we identify a number of signs that you should strive for:

You are still close

If you’re in a relationship or have reached a certain point (such as physical intimacy) and you still don’t feel emotionally invested in it, then you fear attachment. Pay attention when your partner or someone close to you gives you feedback like you’re shutting down or challenging to read. Think about these things and deal with them for good reason because it means you’ve tied yourself up in commitment.

You get a lot of needy

The desire to be with your partner increases when you enter into a new relationship. We always need the reassurance of love and seek constant care because everything is new. This behavior and attitude is rather fine but if you are in desperate need of your partner, it may mean that your need for reassurance is exaggerated due to a bad past experience. This can place unbalanced pressure on your partner and can impair his or her enjoyment. Think about why this is happening and try to distract yourself.

You feel emotionally broken

People with emotional baggage often feel devastated and drained. Unobvious emotional things can destroy your energy levels, affect your beliefs about ourselves and make you feel like you’re not good enough for love. It will keep you isolated from others. If you have been noticing these signs for a long time or are not feeling good about yourself, this could be the reason.

You feel emotionally broken

You judge or remake your last relationship

Some people carry such extreme emotional burden that they begin to shape their current relationship just like their last relationship. They constantly compare their partner, highlight the differences and try to turn their current partner into an ex. This is a clear sign that you are carrying the emotional baggage of your last relationship.

You judge or remake your last relationship

Having problems from a previous relationship is a good thing. The key is how you deal with it. Pay attention to the signals, accept them and try to deal with them by talking to your cages.

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