Here’s why freer legend Lionel Garza is such an important figure in the fishing industry

Lionel Garza lived a full life. Legendary deer hunter, husband, father of five and grandfather, has filled nearly every role imaginable in his 82 years.

From the store owner, to Marine, to a high school sports star and even a member of the Freer Chamber of Commerce, Garza has left his mark on just about anyone he’s come into contact with.

“There’s no place in the United States where you haven’t heard of Lionel,” said Arnold Canto, Mayor of Freer. “I was in Las Vegas and someone asked me, ‘Is Freer where is this deer competition? “He was known everywhere and is sorely missed here.”

Known as “The Fisherman’s Friend,” Garza was more than just an outdoorsy pioneer or founder of Freer’s Muy Grande hunting and rest shop. It was a staple in the hunting community.

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