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Martel, Z.; Bercus, M. Salmon – France 3

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You don’t necessarily have to go very far to escape. We followed a family that each year looks forward to being reunited at the campsite located an hour’s drive from their home. Their parents, before them, were already there.

Bicycles, cooler, fishing rod: nothing is missing. Cyril and Carol Doubelt are ready to go out on the road for vacation. They are from Chalet (Maine-et-Loire) and are only 70 km from their home. They think they are saving fuel by choosing to leave close to home. Another plus, not the least: on the way to their vacation, there is never a traffic jam. Barely an hour later, they arrived at the camp site they had been to a decade ago.

Benoit Poitiers, who became their friend, bets a lot on the locals, like Cyril and Carol. Here, half of the French customers come from the neighboring departments. “They are ambassadors. They bring other worlds.”, explains the manager of the Au bord de Loire campground. The couple eagerly awaits at location 46. And like every year, they find their friend group. Carol Dabla has been coming here since she was one year old. So it is a reunion between friends, as in a family.

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