Holland Christian “farm” progresses after delaying the outbreak of the epidemic

Netherlands TWP. An attempt to educate students through hands-on experiences with goats, chickens, and plants took another step forward this week, with an initial goal of opening this fall.

Rose Park Ranch, a barn and greenhouse set planned for Holland Christian Schools’ Rose Park Elementary School, will house two goats and three chickens—plus a barn cat.

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Miska Rynsburger, Principal at Rose Park, and Administrator Leanne Halma introduced several changes to the plan, which were approved in early 2020, at the Dutch Town Planning Commission meeting on Tuesday, May 10. single shed.

“As we ventured and evolved with outdoor learning, we knew that doing this project a little differently would be a better experience for our students,” Halma said.

Two students also attended to speak in favor of the plan. One was holding a poster, while the other – fourth grader John Stenwick – spoke on the podium in a Dutch outfit.

“Rose Park has a lot of open space,” he said. “If we had a Rose Park Ranch, we could fill in some of that space. If we had a Rose Park Ranch, the kids who had to feed the animals would be taught the responsibilities, and also, if we had the Rose Park Ranch, the kids would learn the animals can actually see the animals while they’re learning about her “.

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