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A staple for a day on the water – the Huk Waypoint Long Sleeve Shirt.
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Saltwater fishermen have a unique investment in the health of our oceans. Freshwater fishermen enjoy a similar investment in the health of lakes, rivers, and streams. And we all — boaters and non-travelers alike — have an investment in the health of our planet.

What is the common threat to all of the above? Plastic. One particularly bad offender is single-use plastic bottles. It clogs landfills and resists biodegradation. They pollute the oceans at up to 8 million tons a year, congregate on virtually floating islands, and sink to the bottom, or because exposure to sunlight breaks the molecular bonds that hold toxic plastic compounds together, breaking into pieces that fish ingest and wash onto beaches.

It’s a growing problem, but one with solutions. One obvious solution is recycling. We can all do our part to make sure the single-use plastics we carry on board get them back to the dock and, eventually, to the recycling bin. We can also choose to purchase products made from the same recycled bottles.

Boaters Wearing Huk Waypoint Shirts
Huk’s Waypoint line is made with Repreve – an eco-friendly performance fiber.
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Huk’s new Waypoint line of high-performance fishing gear is made from Repreve, an eco-friendly performance fiber. It’s moisture wicking, waterproof, adaptive warming and cooling, and has the stretch an active hunter demands. It’s also made from lots and lots of recycled plastic bottles. In fact, on average, each item in the Waypoint collection keeps nine plastic bottles out of waterways and landfills. Compared to using virgin fibres, Repreve reduces petroleum use, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and conserves both water and energy.

For a clothing brand like Huk, it’s a natural fit. Huk gear truly reflects a unique understanding of the hunter’s needs, with a particular focus on protection from the elements. The partnership with Repreve now allows both the company and the anglers who choose their clothing to do their part to protect the very environment they spend so much time enjoying.

The Waypoint collection includes the key pieces anglers (or any boater) look for to provide sun protection and stay dry and comfortable during long days on the water: the Waypoint Jacket, the Waypoint Long Sleeve Shirt, the Men’s Waypoint Shorts, the Waypoint Pants, and the Waypoint Pants. Made from 95 percent recycled polyester, our most popular long-sleeved hoodies and shirts are made with spandex for stretch, and feature UPF 50+ sun protection.

A hunter dressed as Huk
Huk clothing is functional, stylish, and protective for everyone.
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The men’s and women’s shorts and shorts also feature a majority of recycled polyester, with a small amount of additional material for stretch and comfort. They get wet and dry quickly. Spray a little fish guts and blood on, and its stain-resistant finish keeps things clean. Since items such as Waypoint shorts and shorts can also fit on a boat, recent additions also include a variety of polo shirts.

Huk Gear has always been intended to provide practical, stylish and protective fishing gear. The entire Waypoint Collection now lets you do all of the above, while adding protection for something else: the planet.

This is not a fish story.

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