Horses are another stop in JF Reid’s career

Trois-Rivieres, Quality ControlIt always comes as a surprise to find a man in the belt racing stable with Jean-Francois Reed’s professional career. However, if you venture out one morning by the Malo Stable in St-Liguori, you will find a man who was, until recently, Vice President of Human Resources at Québécor, Canadian diversified media and communications company, With a college background as an actuary.

Jean Francois Red

He’s even been the current trainer for half a dozen horses for a few months, three of those horses will perform on Sunday at the 3R Hippodrome.

“My training and work often led me to become an office worker,” Reed says. When I left my job in Quebec in the late fall, I started dreaming of another life, which is to live with horses full time. And that’s what I’ve been doing for a few months now, happily even more. I’m not saying I’m going to do this for the rest of my life, but for now, I like it and it gives me a break in my career.

“Horse racing is an old passion,” Reid explained. “I grew up in Saguenay in an environment that made room for racehorses, because it was my father’s hobby. Racing in Jonquière, I knew that a little. I continued to take an interest in them with the Kenogami horses I bred. A few months ago I started buying horses. At least a dozen passed between my hands, and I still have five of my possessions, the latest being Menlo Park that you’ll see at work on Sunday.

“I don’t pretend to have the experience of seasoned coaches like the people I work with at St. Ligure,” Reid explained. “I have Stephane Brousseau or Linda Belanger, or even Jessica Touraine, all people who give me a hand and valuable advice. I am not an expert in racehorse training and maintenance; therefore, I am very grateful for their support.

Spectrum Celester beat driver Stefan Brousseau in the H3R (

“The horses I bought range in price from $15,000 to $25,000,” Reed added. “I think they’ll be able to make a living racing an H3R or a Rideau Carleton, depending on their progress and ability. It’s important to me that they can run in Trois-Rivieres.

“I try as hard as I can when I buy it,” Reed said. “To see if they can be comfortable on a half-mile course. How lucky am I to learn this job, to spend several hours a day outside jogging or working on it? It’s a different life than the one I’ve known so far, and I love it.”

On Sunday, Jean-Francois Red will have three horses running before the start of the race in the H3R. From the first race you’ll be Spectrum Seelster, a pacer he’s training for the Gaudreault brothers in Mont-Joli.

Reed will say that they were really responsible for buying this horse from Joe Pereira. He was stunning on his first start at the 3R racecourse, crushing the opponent by one mile in 1.56. With Stefan Brousseau in sulky. It would be difficult to defeat him if he repeated this performance.

In the fifth race, racing fans will meet a pony named Maddigal, a Best anchidar which Reed bought. According to him, there is still work to be done with her; Its advantage, which was decisive in its purchase, is that it is always “virgin”.

Finally, in the main event, Reed will present his latest purchase, Menlo Park, a horse that arrives from Miami Valley Raceway, Ohio, but has a local past, so to speak; It was bought 1 year ago by Roland Trudel in Lexington for $30,000.

He had most of his career in Toronto before being sold to US interests last August. Recently bought by Jean-Francois Reed. At 5 years old, he has raised over $110,000 in his career and set a record of 1:51.4 at Mohawk. Morris Hall shares ownership with Reed. He is the most likely candidate in the 8y Racing feature.

By Daniel DeLiel of the Quebec Jockey Club

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