Hotomobil Mohikan: a very functional and colorful cube camping trailer

In Europe, we have the camping equipment or mobile home giants, like Germany, and we also have other countries that are moving forward in this primary tourism market now. This is the case of Turkey which has been working hard for several years to present innovative concepts and, it must be said, very daring! Hotomobil, the Istanbul-based manufacturer, presents a whole range of original creations… Their latest innovation is a trailer called Mohican that presents itself as an alternative to the classic teardrop (tear) or mini camper… A very cute little undetectable caravan. properly away! Starting !

What is a Mohican?

This caravan is designed with simple and practical features and can adapt to all camping areas. she Wants to be minimal It has easy-to-use features that can be used even by beginners. Thanks to its small size, it allows it Immerse yourself in the surrounding nature and sneaks. With its slightly sparkling colors, it will not go unnoticed!

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Some technical characteristics

The Mohican is O1 European approved and weighs less than 400 kilograms, so it can be towed with any vehicle and requires no other than a B license in France. At 1.85m wide by 3.50m high, 1.1m (indoor) and 1.65m (exterior), it seems very small and does not prevent it from accommodating two people in a large 195cm x 135cm bed. poison…. It won’t always promise you the big night, but only how to sleep warm ! In terms of equipment, the Mohican has a 50-amp 12-volt battery, a 45-liter fresh water tank, and touch lighting. Some options are available such as solar panels, a roof tent, an outdoor shower, a portable toilet, or a more powerful battery (100 Ah).

And how is it inside?

According to the manufacturer, the Mohican mini-trailer can comfortably accommodate two adults and one child under 10 years old. Inside, you clearly enter directly into the sleeping area, which does not prevent it from having a small integrated storage space. The bed is accessible from a single side door, and the bedroom has windows on both sides. On the other hand, the kitchen area is located in the “box” of the caravan, and this trunk Of course as a culinary shelter. The kitchen slides out and offers a worktop and sink with a 45 liter water tank. For cooking, it will be necessary to use a portable stove. 49 liter refrigerator is available as an option and is inside the trailer above the kitchen shelf, does not slip with the rest …

How much does a Mohican cost?

Due to the availability of many options, Hotomobil does not offer a fixed price … Many niche sites estimate the base price at around 13,300 euros. But if you want more information, it might be better Inquiries directly through the site’s contact page !

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