How much does a Camping Paradis franchise cost? – France

  • 1 What are the costs

  • The entrance fee for the “Camping paradise” franchise has been set at €20,000. To which an annual commission of 6% on sales volume and an annual fee of €12,000 must be added to TF1 licenses. Signs cost between €10,000 and €15,000, depending on the choices and the size of the campsite. There are also investments to retrofit buildings, more or less significant, and they are amortized more or less quickly depending on the facilities. In Erquy, Julien and Anne-Séverine Cormier, for example, they pumped 500,000 euros into replenishing their rental stock and carried out 500,000 euros of work in the aquatic and offshore areas. At the Paradis Menez Bichen campground in Saint-Nic, Brittany’s first franchisee in 2020, Corinne and Stéphane Auffret hired five more people to provide the service. “My expenses were 30% higher in the first year. We got to 20% this year and they will be lower next year. This is the price to pay to get support and find a new lease on life,” notes the director.

  • 2 what pays

  • It’s clear that the Vacances Campings Paradis Network is already providing media firepower. “We can say that 50% of our new customers are coming for the series,” notes Julian Cormier in Erquy (22). At the time of work, the architect studies the recommendations with the managers. Franchisees also benefit from programmed pricing systems. Products derived from the TV series provide new financial inflows. “It’s the rush on polo shirts!” ‘ confirms Julian Cormier.

    In terms of entertainment, Camping Paradis Academy supports camp sites in hiring and training their entertainers, who benefit from a two-month work-study training, with a state-recognized diploma. And since 2021, the “Star Paradise” summer tour has added some spice to the sites, with concerts sometimes privatized, sometimes paid and open to an outside audience.

  • 3 A Very Good Summer 2022

  • The season isn’t over yet, but the network’s camping sites report that it’s looking pretty good. This is confirmed by Julien and Séverine Cormier, at Erquy: “We have 50% higher turnover compared to the previous full year in 2019, and we’ve already exceeded the target we set for ourselves by 10%. Set for this first franchise season.” Same note in Saint-Nic, where summer is almost full. Except for the last two weeks of August. “But we must hurry!”

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