How to complete all Hunting Grounds Trials in The Raintrace in Horizon Forbidden West

How to complete all Hunting Grounds Trials in The Raintrace in Horizon Forbidden West

Hunting Grounds are among some of the most challenging activities in Horizon Forbidden West. You can find them scattered around the Forbidden West, waiting for you to come along and take on the Trials within. This guide explains how to complete every Trail in The Raintrace Hunting Grounds and get the top reward in each.

Shock and Remove Trial

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The Shock and Remove Trial requires you to first shock the Tremortusk in the Hunting Grounds, then remove two of its tusks. To get the top reward, you need to do this in two minutes, which is not a lot of time when a Tremortusk is bearing down on you. Therefore, the best way to complete this trial is to equip your most potent shock weapon. Then, glide into the arena and override the nearest Clawstrider. This will prevent it from attacking you and getting in the way. While the tips for this trial suggest using Purgewater, we found that it only slowed things down.

Use your shock weapon to deal enough shock damage to disable the Tremortusk. While you’re firing, try aiming for its tusks to deal some early damage to those components. Using a weapon like Kue’s Bow to hit a tusk before using shock damage will also help make shearing those tusks off easier later on. Once the Tremortusk has fallen, use a quick-firing bow such as a Warriors Bow to hit the tusks over and over again until they fall off. You can do this in one go if you get it right, but you’ve got time to down the Tremortusk twice if you need to.

Mounted Combat Trial

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This is the easiest Trial in this Hunting Grounds, but you’ll need to have completed the IOTA Cauldron and unlocked the Clawstrider override for it to work. First, glide into the arena and override the nearest Clawstrider. Then, ride over to the other two Cawstriders and kill them. You can fire shots at those Clawstriders to damage them, but make sure the final blow comes from the Clawstrider you’re riding, or it won’t count.

Heavy Weapons Trial

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This final trial is the toughest of them all. You need to remove cannons from the Tremortusk and use them to kill three machines. This means that you must get into the arena, remove multiple cannons from the machine, and manage to kill the three Clawstriders within three minutes.

To do this, you need Tearblast arrows and any weapon with a high Tear rating. Glide into the arena and get a silent strike or strike from above on the nearest clawstrider. Then, try to get a few shots off on another nearby Clawstrider to weaken them as well. After this, Use Tearblast arrows and anything else, you have to remove the two shock cannons from the Tremortusk’s back. These will drop into the arena.

Next, draw the Tremortusk away from the weapons and then get over to them. When you have one, use concentration to slow time and blast any Clawstriders you can see. If you’re lucky, you can get away with using one cannon to kill all three, but we needed to use two to complete the trial.

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